GIRISH and THE CHRONICLES – Back On Earth (2023)

GIRISH and THE CHRONICLES - Back On Earth (2023) - full

Acclaimed hard rockers GIRISH and THE CHRONICLES have announced the upcoming release of a re-record of their debut album, “Back On Earth” on January 27, 2023, especially re-done to be released world-wide by Frontiers Music. Originally released by themselves in 2014, “Back On Earth” was the first album to introduce GATC to a larger global hard rock audience and kicked off their still ongoing rock n’ roll journey.
When asked why the band decided to re-record the album as opposed to simply remastering and reissuing it, frontman Girish Pradhan says, “We wanted the whole thing to have a fresh new start. Although we wanted to keep most of the vocal takes, we have been introducing a lot of musical changes to these songs in live performances. So we thought, “Why not do the same in the new recordings?”
The whole thing sounds quite different from the 2014 version, but all in all, it stays true to the spirit of the songs, however, we feel that it is closer to the vision we had back in the day.”

Originally from Sikkim, but now based in the city of Bangalore/Bengaluru in Karnataka, India, GATC are known for their soaring, powerful vocals, biting guitars, thunderous bass, and pounding drums, staying true to the authentic ‘80s heavy metal/hard rock sound which they grew up with.
In their 12 year existence, GATC have been credited by many fans for bringing the classic hard rock culture back to India and are an inspiration to many new and upcoming bands in the scene. The group has gained a cult following globally with ’80’s and ’90s hair metal and hard rock aficionados in addition to being well known in the Indian rock scene for electrifying live shows and have toured across the nation and beyond.

GATC has released three acclaimed albums, their debut “Back on Earth” (2014), “Rock The Highway” (2020), and their most recent release, and Frontiers Music debut, “Hail To The Heroes” (2022).
These guys really surprise with their elaborated music plenty of charm.


01 – Ride To Hell
02 – Loaded
03 – Born With A Big Attitude
04 – Shot By The Cupid, Touched By The Devil
05 – Angel
06 – I Wanna Get That Lovin’ Again
07 – Hey You
08 – Yesteryears
09 – Smile Little Child
10 – The Revolving Barrel
11 – Golden Crown
12 – End Of Civilization
13 – A New Beginning (Bonus Track)

Girish Pradhan – Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
Yogesh Pradhan – Bass / Keyboards
Suraz Sun – Lead Guitars
Nagen Nags – Drums


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