MARCELLO-VESTRY – Marcello-Vestry [Japan Edition +1] *HQ*

MARCELLO-VESTRY - Marcello-Vestry [Japan Edition +1] *HQ* - full

Well this has been requested by many, and there’s a reason: the self-titled album from MARCELLO-VESTRY is one of the best Melodic Hard Rock album from the last two decades, and for many, from all time.
Formed by wonder guitarist Rob Marcello (Danger Danger, The Defiants) and vocalist Frank Vestry (Last Temptation, Laneslide) and helped by Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger, The Defiants) on bass and production, “Marcello-Vestry” is a bombshell of melodic rock. This album has all the best elements of pop metal, AOR balladry and high class melodies, topped off with a healthy shot of virtuosic guitar playing heavenly vocals.
It’s fun, but few people know that the credited drummer on this album – Lynn D. Ruhms – is in fact the name of a drum machine manufactured by Linn Electronics between 1982 and 1985. The Linn LM-1 Drum machine was the first programmable drum machine to sample acoustic drums. If you think this made “Marcello-Vestry” sound lifeless, just wait to hear the bombastic ’80s style snare and cymballs.
The saying ‘All Killers, NO fillers’ is true on “Marcello-Vestry”, EVERY song is melodic rock perfection. The production is superb and clean; everything about this album is simply great.

Maybe not surprisingly, the record is very close in sound to DANGER DANGER. The album opens with “Fireworks” and it’s a nice way to get things underway. At times I can actually hear a slight similarity to former DANGER DANGER singer Paul Laine in Vestry’s voice and that only helps to further make those “double D” comparisons a bit easier to hear.
“Ready Or Not” sounds like it’s straight from 1988 with its tribute to all things “twisted” and “dangerous” cleverly inserted into the lyrics. A fun listen.
“All I Wanna Do Is U” could have easily come off any DANGER DANGER album with its cock-rock influenced lyrics and melodic, catchy guitar work. Venturing more into AOR territory the track “Gone” with its mid-paced approach and smooth, melodic vocal lines has a memorable chorus in a nice, neat little package.

Marcello supplies some keyboards too throughout the record and that is most noticeable in tracks like “Without You”. The song opens with an almost pompy or even hi-tech AOR feel and much like the track before it’s a mid-paced song with a great hook and super melodic singing.
“Live Life” comes on strong with the DANGER DANGER sound again right down to the “Don’t Blame It On Love” sounding backing vocals. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it…
The ballad on the album is “What You Mean”, puer ’80s in its essence and a good break and change of pace for the record.

“Love Injection” brings things back up to speed and isn’t nearly as silly as the title would lead you to believe. It’s actually a classier, keyboard-laden rocker with melodic singing from Vestry and a nice melodic guitar solo from Marcello.
“One More Night” brings back that claasic 80s sound again with its nice sing-a-long chorus and great drum beat. Is that a machine? Heck, but an ’80s machine… It’ll have you playing the “air drums” with just one listen!

The album closes with an acoustic version of “Gone” which was featured earlier in the record. It’s pretty much just a straight acoustic re-work and doesn’t really add anything new to song itself but it’s done very well and cool to hear. This version of the song actually reminds a little bit of the great band ADRIANGALE / CRUNCH as for the first time I hear a bit of their singer Jamie Rowe in Vestry’s vocals.

If you are cultivating a modern-day mullet – or at least, a wig – ”Marcello-Vestry” is the ideal soundtrack. A wonderful trip back to the 80’s when Rock music was still fun.


Marquee / Avalon MICP~10727

01 – Fireworks
02 – Ready Or Not
03 – All I Wanna Do Is U
04 – Gone
05 – Without You
06 – Live Life
07 – What You Mean
08 – Love Injection
09 – Gangster Of Love
10 – One More Night
11 – Gone (Acoustic Version)

Frank Vestry – Vocals
Rob Marcello – Guitars, Keys
Bruno Ravel – Bass
Kory Young – additional Guitars
Lynn D. Ruhms – Drums


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