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DEMONS DOWN - I Stand (2023) - full

Frontiers Music has signed DEMONS DOWN, a new super group featuring two talented up-and-coming musicians, vocalist James Robledo (Sinner’s Blood) and guitarist Francesco Savino (False Memories), along with hard rock scene veterans guitarist Jimi Bell (House of Lords, Autograph), drummer Ken Mary (ex-House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Fifth Angel, etc.), and bassist Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, bass, ex-House of Lords, etc.).
Their debut album, “I Stand” sees this gathering of young performers and established skill players delivering a traditional classic hard rock album with an updated sound.
Demons Down traffics in a hard rock sound that references the late ’80s/early ’90s movement where massive hooks, huge melodies and lush keyboards were the order of the day. But this is no simple exercise in paying tribute to yesteryear as the music rocks hard to compliment the vocal talents of Robledo (who has, sonically, been compared to the likes of Jorn Lande and Russell Allen).
Fans of early House Of Lords material will have much to enjoy here.

With Frontiers, James Robledo has released one solo album, “Wanted Man”, and one – “The Mirror Star” – with metal band Sinner’s Blood, whom are also currently preparing their second album for release.
Francesco Savino is an Italian guitarist and songwriter who founded the up-and-coming gothic metal band False Memories in 2015. That band’s latest release, “The Last Night Of Fall,” (2021) was met with praise from both fans and metal media alike. The band also released a covers EP, “Echoes Of A Reflection” and a live EP, “Live Until The Twilight” since the release of their last studio album.
With his songwriting partner Rossella Moscatello (who is the lead vocalist for False Memories), Franceso has also been contributing songs to Frontiers and is working on the next False Memories album.

Jimi Bell is an established hard rock guitarist who is currently a member of both House Of Lords and Autograph, and, of course, Demons Down. Bell, a Connecticut native, was inducted into the New England Music Hall in 2020.
Chuck Wright originally joined Quiet Riot in 1982, playing bass on the tracks “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)” and “Don’t Wanna Let You Go,” as well as singing background vocals on all tracks from the 1983 album Metal Health. In addition to Quiet Riot, whom he has played with intermittently, Wright has played with Giuffria, House Of Lords, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, and Heaven & Earth, to name a few, over the years.

Drummer Ken Mary’s lengthy career in music has seen him play in a wide variety of genres that showcased his wide ranging skills at the instrument. In addition to being a drummer, Ken is also an engineer, writer, vocalist, and award winning producer. He has sold a combined 5 million (plus) albums globally over the entirety of his body of work.
His drumming can be heard on albums from Alice Cooper, Jordan Rudess, Northern Light Orchestra, Kip Winger, House of Lords, The Beach Boys, Impelliterri, Don Dokken, Fifth Angel, Bonfire, and many more, and of course, Demons Down.


1. I Stand
2. Disappear
3. Down In A Hole
4. On My Way To You
5. Where Will Our Tears Fall?
6. Book Of Love
7. Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere
8. Follow Me
9. To The Edge Of The World
10. Search Over The Horizon
11. Only The Brave

James Robledo – Vocals
Jimi Bell – Guitars
Francesco Savino – Guitars
Chuck Wright – Bass
Ken Mary – Drums
Additional Musician:
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals


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