LAST IN LINE – Heavy Crown [Japanese Edition +1] (2016) *HQ*

LAST IN LINE - Heavy Crown [Japanese Edition +1] (2016) *HQ* lossless full

Formed by three DIO original members, LAST IN LINE are ready to release their third album next weekend. Meanwhile, many of you have been requested their debut CD “Heavy Crown” in its Japanese edition including a bonus track.
This super-group features Ronnie James Dio’s band most celebrated line up; namely guitarist Vivian Campbell, drummer Vinny Appice and bassist Jimmy Bain (RIP) who passed away shortly agter the recordings finished. The album and the tour presenting the album were dedicated in his memory.
Originally put together to honour their former bandmate Ronnie, the guys instantly had chemistry again and decided to make a brand new record, and what a record it is too. They are joined by former Lynch Mob vocalist Andrew Freeman and keyboard player Claude Schnell, also ex-Dio.
Last In Line are not trying to ride on the coat tails of Dio & piss all over his legacy. All the tracks on “Heavy Crown” were written by all 4 members and every track has a different feel to it.

We have here classic hard rock tunes firmly planted in the middle part of the ’80s but with a modern twist which is partially down to the guidance & producer Jeff Pilson who is best known for his bass work in Dokken & also a long-term friend of Campbell, Appice & Bain.
Opening track ‘Devil In Me’ kicks off with a hard, heavy hitting riff, heavier than usual for a Dio track, more like Black Sabbath Dio era really. However we really need to stop comparing the band to Dio, as this is a band striving for success on the own merit.
The vocals are really strong, Andrew has a great range with power to back it up, very impressive.

‘Martyr’ is very much ‘today’s’ Hard Rock, the skeleton is classy, yet fresh, sonically punchy and updated, a vibe that can be felt throughout the rest of the album. ‘Starmaker’ is an excellent one which has Freeman at his most melodic and soulful, only matched by an equally impressive super cool riff from Campbell and the majestic rhythm section of Bain and Appice.

The opening tracks high standard are then bettered with the massive ‘Burn This House Down’, then ‘I Am Revolution’ follows, this simple all out rocker really shows how fast and kick ass the band can be, this will be a sure-fire live favorite with its great sing-a-long chorus.
‘Blame It On Me’ features monster bass lines from Bain, and once again a fantastic piece of guitar playing from Mr Campbell; he really can do no wrong on this album, full of off inventive passages and soaring solos that really do remind you of those Dio songs from years ago.

‘Already Dead’ is a fantastic hard rock track, simple in structure, however extremely effective. ‘Curse The Day’, gives space for another stunning vocal performance from Freeman, as I have previously mentioned, I have not heard him sing better.
The Appice / Bain groove runs deep in ‘Orange Glow’ before the slow burning title track ‘Heavy Crown’ cools things down a bit.
Closing track, ‘The Sickness’, is just the cherry on the cake. After the brilliantly constructed intro Campbell belts out some textbook riffage that unshackles a fervent rock song doused in pure hard rock tradition.

LAST IN LINE - Heavy Crown [Japanese Edition] (2016) back

“Heavy Crown” is a superb debut by Last In Line, full of nods to the bands past, but with a new direction.
All tracks are strong, performances shine, and Jeff Pilson’s production is bright & punchy. Can’t wait for album number two.


1. Devil In Me
2. Martyr
3. Starmaker
4. Burn This House Down
5. I Am Revolution
6. Blame It On Me
7. In Flames (Bonus Track Deluxe Edition)
8. Already Dead
9. Curse The Day
10. Orange Glow
11. Heavy Crown
12. The Sickness
13. Heavy Crown (Acoustic Remix * Japan Bonus Track)

Andrew Freeman – Vocals (Hurricane, Lynch Mob)
Vivian Campbell – Guitars (Def Leppard, Dio, Whitesnake)
Jimmy Bain (R.I.P.) – Bass (Rainbow, Gary Moore, Dio)
Vinny Appice – Drums (Dio, Black Sabbath)



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