MUSTANG – Beyond Raging Thunder (2023)

MUSTANG - Beyond Raging Thunder (2023) - full

MUSTANG was formed in 2015 and it wasn’t until 2018 that they began to offer their first live shows and recorded a couple of singles. Now the band has signed with Fighter Records for the worldwide release of their first album ”Beyond Raging Thunder”, a work where MUSTANG expands their classic sound offering a comprehensive style for all classic Metal enthusiasts.
The record encompasses blistering rocking numbers and deeply evocative ballads that stir the soul and classic Heavy Metal tunes akin Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Crimson Glory, etc. The whole thing was co-produced and mixed by Jan Loncik (Traveler, Riot City) at Rich Hobo Studios in Calgary (Canada) and mastered by Dennis Koehne (Lacuna Coil, Wheel, Roadwolf) in Dortmund, Germany.

While cliches abound but this is classic metal, with the well known unison background vocal/choir action, searing twin guitar rhythms, supportive bass/drum foundational parts, as well as influences that run the spectrum from Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate to Crimson Glory and of course Judas Priest.
As quickly as the band rip out a speedy number like “Children of Thunder”, they also can lay down a semi-ballad for “Realm of Madness” that ramps up in power (and tempo) where the fiery, shredding leads take the track into devil horns praise worthiness.

Haunting atmosphere as well as fluid bass work allows “Terror Striker” to check off all the classic metal boxes, the shrieking falsetto and magnetic voice of Arijit ‘Piercer’ Dutta living up to his nickname during the varied verses/potent chorus. This is probably where Mustang will receive a lot of love/hate opinions for total appreciation (or disdain) – as Arijit has one of those deliveries (and ranges) that can be King Diamond meets John Cyriis-esque, rising to the occasion in off kilter situations which challenge the listener to stay engaged.
It’s where Judas Priest cover of “Ram It Down” probably misses the mark, as Rob Halford’s premiere voice/melodies are difficult to replicate, Arijit instead taking the song into more of his distinctive, personal shrieking register.

On ”Electric Ecstacy” Mustang shows something different. This track is a bold concoction of heavy metal and airy synth pads. At moments its an overload and the unexpected noises of intimacy left me unsure of what to think. ”Electric Ecstasy” is bold and daring and shows a band that is still clearly finding itself.
”Voyager” takes us to sea side pulling us back to the slower pacing. It’s a more simple and edgy song with a mix of acoustics and raw guitars that carry us through this number. ”Sapphire” comes in gentle on the ears with the soothing sounds of sweet oohs and loving acoustic guitar notes.

In the end, this is a debut record that showcases undeniable passion for the traditional metal cause. Mustang just need to reign in the vocals a touch on the next record, but for sure ”Beyond Raging Thunder” will gain appreciation among classic metalheads.


01 – Odyssey
02 – Children of Thunder
03 – Cosmic Rage
04 – Queen of Red Light
05 – Ram It Down
06 – Realm of Madness
07 – Electric Ecstasy
08 – Voyager
09 – Terror Striker
10 – Sapphire

Snehashis “Styx” Nag – Guitars
Arijit “Piercer” Dutta – Vocals
Soubhik “Sorcerer” Mondal – Bass
Anoubhav “Maniac” Bhaduri – Drums



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