MYRATH – Karma (2023)

MYRATH - Karma (2023) - full

If there is an original, interesting band in the current metal / progressive field, that should be MYRATH. Usually keen on inventive, fiery and magical, their albums are always refreshing different.
So few bands will dare wear their roots on their sleeve not just in regards to the bands they grew up loving, but also the music of their own culture. Among them we find Myrath, a group that has been carving it’s way through the last two decades blending progressive metal with Oriental melodies.
And with the upcoming new work titled “Karma“, they have created a fascinating collection of songs, awesomely arranged to perfection, and with top notch, clean powerful production sound. Sometimes they add a commercial, poppy touch to make things more appealing.
The new album will be released next Friday, just a day before the band’s show at the prestigious ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, USA.

Myrath is a band loaded with talent, rendering the production to not much more than a fly in the ointment. But that fly still draws attention away from the instrumental tapestry. The focus narrows in on Malek Ben Arbia’s stellar shredding keyboard orchestrations.
Both the keys and guitars offer context to and bolster Zaher Zorgati’s dynamic vocals. Zaher is Karma’s star without a doubt. While the production guarantees this, his vocals would shine without it. The vocals balance between Jasper Steverlinck’s (Guilt Machine) purity and poppy poise and early Russel Allen’s range and growl. Zaher, however, throws in an extra twist by blending in traditional vocal inflections which really define Myrath’s unique sound.

Taken as a whole, “Karma” is an album that sets a high bar for Myrath. It’s slick, well-written, fun to listen to, and laced with awesome performances. This is not only for progressive metal fans, but a wide range of listeners, including melodic rockers.
Highly Recommended


01 – To the Stars
02 – Into the Light
03 – Candles Cry
04 – Let It Go
05 – Words Are Failing
06 – The Wheel of Time
07 – Temple Walls
08 – Child of Prophecy
09 – The Empire
10 – Heroes
11 – Carry On

Zaher Zorgati – lead vocals
Malek Ben Arbia – guitar, vocals
Anis Jouini – bass
Morgan Berthet – drums
Elyes Bouchoucha – keyboards


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