LORDI – Screem Writers Guild (2023)

LORDI - Screem Writers Guild (2023) - full

Welcome to the best horror flick of the year: Finnish rockers LORDI are about to release ”Screem Writers Guild”, a new record which according to the band isn’t a concept album, but contains a “cinematic horror movie” theme throughout.
And musically, oh, LORDI doesn’t scare you mamma anymore… instead, put her on dancing. This is fun, catchy melodic hard rock with many poppy twinks to the ’80s. This is the first Lordi album under the label Atomic Fire Records and the debut of guitarist Kone, following the departure of the band’s original guitarist Amen. But LORDI is an entertaining machine, it doesn’t matters who leave or enter, they are effective as usual.
With the cheapjack horror aesthetic that’s already crammed into Lordi’s makeup, why not just cut out the thematic middleman for something as easy to work around as this? Surely that’s something they can get right, right?
”Screem Writers Guild” is a corpus of graceful melodies, spooky sound effects, dark lyrics, and catchy chorus lines. There’s melodic riffs, keyboards all over, soul-touching guitar solos, gruff lead vocals, and blended backing vocals culminate into one horrific spooktacular package.

References to werewolves, Dracula, vampires, and sound effects of owls and crows off in the distance add to the illusion of either being on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or locked inside of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, a dark ride attraction and walk through show.
Pure ghostly entertainment. The commitment to the lyrics, sound effects, and overall theme of the band’s ‘own horror cinema’ is hair-raisingly delightful from beginning to end. The sound is an oxymoron in and of itself, as it sounds mysteriously spine-chilling, yet simultaneously uplifting.

”Screem Writers Guild” consists of 14 tracks of sheer terror starting with Dead Again Jayne (Track 1), which displays some fast-paced finger work by Kone (guitar) and attention getting keys by Hella. “Jane, ringing you back is all in vain,” Mr. Lordi screeches.
SCG XVIII: Nosferuiz Horror Show (Track 2) lasts about a minute and is followed by Unliving Picture Show (Track 3). This song showcases phenomenal drum (Mana) and bass (Hiisi) coordination and blending skills. Inhumanoid (Track 4) is a fun, spirited song that takes you on an adventure.
Thing In The Cage (Track 5) and Vampyro Fang Club (Track 6) both have prominent intros, which make them album standouts. They both create an atmosphere of being at a 1920’s haunted circus.

The Bride (Track 7) is deliberately slow with cryptic lyrics: “If you cross me, there’s one thing you should know. The blood will flow.” Remarkable guitar solo. Lucyfer Prime Evil (Track 8) is a pleasant experience about an unpleasant experience. Enough said.
End Credits (Track 14) is another favorite simply because it is the most personal for Mr. Lordi himself. The lyrics are the deepest yet, because he tells of his life story.

”Screem Writers Guild” is a lot better than Lordi albums tend to be. More often than not, its ‘successes’ are more a result of Lordi being able to assimilate with the horror aesthetic that matches their own.
Since several years ago Lordi music is inoffensive, fun, entartaining melodic poppy hard rock, catchy, plenty of synths. New guitarist Kone brings some nice solos (declared avid Iron Maiden fan) however controlled and at the service of the song’s accessibility.
Highly Recommended


01 – Dead Again Jayne
02 – SCG XVIII: Nosferiuz Horror Show
03 – Unliving Picture Show
04 – Inhumanoid
05 – Thing in the Cage
06 – Vampyro Fang Club
07 – The Bride
08 – Lucyfer Prime Evil
09 – Scarecrow
10 – Lycantropical Island
11 – In the Castle of Dracoolove
12 – The SCG Awards
13 – Heavengeance
14 – End Credits

Mr Lordi – lead vocals, artwork
Hella – keyboards, backing vocals
Mana – drums, backing vocals
Hiisi – bass, backing vocals
Kone – guitar, backing vocals


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