REDEMPTION – I Am The Storm (2023)

REDEMPTION - I Am The Storm (2023) - full

Five years since their much acclaimed, seventh studio album “Long Night’s Journey into Day”, Los Angeles-based progressive metal giants REDEMPTION are back with the release of a brand new record. “I Am The Storm” will be out on March 17, 2023 via AFM Records.
As the album title already reveals, “I Am The Storm” is a gripping, stirring, overwhelming and dramatic, new offering by the power prog metal act. Combining unapologetic melodies and hooks with technicality, complexity and thundering riffs, Redemption once again occupies a unique place with its powerful, heavy, intelligent and deeply emotional music.
Redemption are the masters of song-oriented progressive metal – catchy and technical – a band that belongs to the leading league in the heavy music world today, easily among the best in the genre regarding the American scene.

Fronted by charismatic vocalist Tom S. Englund (also Evergrey) Redemption are one of the most respected and critically acclaimed bands, highly praised in prog – as well as melodic/power metal circles.
Four years after their latest studio album, now finally “I Am The Storm” arrives – an intense slice of heavy music, evoking the presence of one’s inner strength. Like a force of nature, every lover of sophisticated metal music with depth will fall in love with Englund’s inspired vocals, the sheer power and exquisite arrangements.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Am the Storm
02 – Seven Minutes from Sunset
03 – Remember the Dawn
04 – The Emotional Depiction of Light
05 – Resilience
06 – Action at a Distance
07 – Turn It On Again
08 – All This Time (And Not Enough)
09 – The Emotional Depiction of Light (Vikram’s Remix)
10 – Red Rain (Peter Gabriel cover)

Tom S. Englund – Vocals
Nick Van Dyk – Guitars
Chris Quirarte – Drums
Sean Andrews – Bass
Vikram Shankar – Keyboards


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