CROSS COUNTRY DRIVER – The New Truth (2023)

CROSS COUNTRY DRIVER - The New Truth (2023) - full

Frontiers Music will release next Friday the debut album of CROSS COUNTRY DRIVER, titled “The New Truth“. Written and performed by Rob Lamothe (Riverdogs), James Harper (Fighting Friday), and Zander Lamothe (Logan Staats Band), “The New Truth” is an old-school-rock rollercoaster of an album.
This gutsy, continent-and-generation-spanning musical adventure features inspired performances not only from the aforementioned trio at the core of Cross Country Driver, but by friends such as Mike Mangini (Dream Theater), Greg Chaisson (Badlands), dUg Pinnick (King’s X), Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck), Jimmy Wallace (The Wallflowers), KFigg (Extreme) and more.
Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard, Last In Line, Riverdogs) joins in on guitar and vocals on ‘Risen’ and summed up the album best when he said, “Lush, rich, deep and spirited. No one makes records like this anymore. Bravo!”

Rob Lamothe has shared stages with everyone from Guns N’ Roses to members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He has toured throughout Europe close to 30 times now. Riverdogs, Rob’s Los Angeles-based rock band, reached global cult status three decades ago and found a new generation of listeners after signing with Frontiers Music Srl a couple years ago for the release of the album, “California”, which received critical acclaim from media and fans alike.

James Harper has been a mainstay in the New England music scene for over 20 years and is known for his high energy performances and chameleon-like ability to play and write in any style. He has performed thousands of shows with one of Boston’s best bands, Fighting Friday, and has written and released countless songs with them, as well as Funk Piranha, The Funeral Puppets and others.
A really strong hard rock album featuring terrific musicians.
Highly Recommended


1. Wild Child ft. Mike Mangini, Greg Chaisson, & Jimmy Wallace
2. So Fly ft. Greg Chaisson, Jim Hoke, & Jimmy Wallace
3. A Man With No Direction ft. dUg Pinnick & Jesse O’Brien
4. Traces of the Truth ft. Greg Chaisson & Jimmy Wallace
5. I Won’t Look Back ft. dUg Pinnick
6. Rio Tulerosa ft. Mike Mangini & dUg Pinnick
7. Shine ft. Mike Mangini, Greg Chaisson, & Jimmy Wallace
8. Off the Rails ft. Rhonda Smith & Jimmy Wallace
9. Long Gone ft. Kfigg, Greg Chaisson, Carl Ayotte & Jimmy Wallace
10. Real Love ft. Mark Hill, Chad Cromwell & Jimmy Wallace
11. Risen ft. Vivian Campbell & Rhonda Smith
12. Everything Forgiven ft. Rhonda Smith & Jimmy Wallace
13. My Goodness ft. Justine Fischer

Rob Lamothe – Vocals, Guitar
James Harper – Guitar
Zander Lamothe – Drums


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Album of the year so far! Rob Lamothe’s voice is shining on this one!

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