THE UNKNOWN – Big Dreams ’89 [FnA Records reissue] (2023) *Exclusive*

THE UNKNOWN - Big Dreams '89 [FnA Records reissue] (2023) *Exclusive* - full

Formed in 1987 by songwriter / singer Steve Ballard, THE UNKNOWN quickly became a mainstay on the Florida state circuit, a Melodic Rock AOR band that started gaining a following with each show played which then yielded bigger and bigger gigs. They were eventually asked to play spring break gigs in Ft. Lauderdale, one of the biggest draws for college students.
After a 1988 demo tape, the next year THE UNKNOWN professionally recorded their first and only album titled “Big Dreams”, released by themselves on quality silver-pressed CD. Over the years the album achieved collectors item status fetching about $150 on eBay.

Now FnA Records is reissuing “Big Dreams” for the first time, a collection of well crafted melodic tunes rooted in the lighter zone of the Melodic Rock realm. Musically pleasant, “Big Dreams” is also regarded by fans of the genre for sporting one of the coolest cover art for an indie release.

THE UNKNOWN won the Budweiser Battle of the bands and A&R scouts started taking notice. Eventually EPIC Records signed the group in 1992, but had the band change their name… they were re-branded as Blackfish, releasing a self-titled major label produced CD.
‘Never Comin’ Back’, ‘Hey Julie’, ‘Can’t Give Up’ are among the best cuts, alternating melodic rock with AOR, ‘For You’ being the most rocking number.
Highly Recommended


01 – Can’t Give Up
02 – Hey Julie
03 – Never Comin’ Back
04 – Just Like Him
05 – Say It To Me
06 – Hold Me
07 – Sugar Shack
08 – For You

Steve Ballard – vocals, guitar
Mike Mahaffey – guitar
Chris Reublin – bass
Andy Howerd – drums



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