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TRANSWORLD IDENTITY – also known as ‘T-ID’, will release their debut album “Seven Worlds” via Frontiers Music on March 17, 2023. T-ID is a new Finnish / English hard rock band featuring female vocalist Mila Bosa, guitarist Mika “Lamppari” Lamminsivu, keyboardist Juha “Junnu” Kinnunen, bassist Kasperi Kinnunen, and drummer Lacu Lahtinen. T-ID’s music draws inspiration from the core foundations of hard rock music, showcasing that feel-good factor that will get your adrenaline flowing.
After honing her skills as the frontwoman of a hard rock covers band, Mila Bosa wanted to take a new direction with her musical career by singing original songs and subsequently formed Transworld Identity. To help her fulfill her musical vision, she has been joined by a stellar cast of bandmates.

Drummer Lacu Lahtinen is a showman behind the kit, who has spent time in Hanoi Rocks and vocalist Michael Monroe’s solo band. Guitarist Mika “Lamppari” Lamminsivu was a founding member of Baby Green and, later, progressive rockers Technical Justice. He has also played with Michael Monroe and Dave Lindholm. Keyboardist Juha “Junnu” Kinnunen’s played alongside Marco Hietala and Ryan Roxie. Bassist Kasperi Kinnunen, despite his young age, is a very accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Aside from being keyboardist Junnu’s son, Kasperi is also known for his other band Metallileka and the multiple musicals he has been in.
The Nordics have an established track record of producing top-notch hard rock / metal music and Finland’s TRANSWORLD IDENTITY continue that fine tradition.


1. Everything Must Burn
2. Play & Pretend
3. I’m Such A Liar
4. Part Maroon, Part Indigo
5. Time
6. Starchild
7. Seven Worlds
8. In For The Long Haul
9. Livin’ On The Run
10. Never Lost My Faith
11. Roseate

Mila Bosa – Vocals
Mika Lamminsivu – Guitar
Lacu Lahtinen – Drums
Juha Kinnunen – Keyboards
Kasperi Kinnunen – Bass


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