BRUCE GAITSCH – How Fragile We Are [Japan-only release] (2023)

BRUCE GAITSCH - How Fragile We Are [Japan-only release] (2023) - full

Specialized AOR / Westcoast Japanese record label P-Vine just released “How Fragile We Are” via his Light Mellow Searches imprint. The record features new songs from the talented guitarist / songwriter BRUCE GAITSCH who has worked with Richard Marx, Chicago, Peter Cetera, Bill Champlin, Jim Peterik, King of Hearts, and countless more. Additionally, there’s hard to find standalone singles and collaboration with others.
Among the impressive musicians performing lead vocals we find Richard Marx, Fee Waybill, Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Michael Sembello and more, plus incredible musicians like George Hawkins Jr. , John Patitucci, CJ Vanston, Billy Ward, etc.

While strongly tied to the industry to help other artists, this has not stopped Gaitsch from recording his own material. He has released several albums including collaborations with rock guitarist Tommy Denander and pianist Janey Clewer in more recent years.
Currently working with stupendous band GIG whom delivered two very good albums recently, the songs on “How Fragile We Are” are probably some of the most honest recordings heard in years. This is a musician making the music he loves, he feels, and that’s permeates through your stereo.

Connoisseurs of the genre will recognize some tracks here, others were quite rare singles, others are completely new songs recorded for this release. Either way, “How Fragile We Are” is elegant, sophisticated timeless music.
Highly Recommended


01 – Unchain My Heart (lead voc. George Hawkins) (Previously unissued 2023)
02 – Fools Cry (lead vocals Fee Waybill)
03 – Aphasia (lead vocals Bill Champlin)
04 – Illinois (Previously unissued 2023)
05 – Haunt Me Tonight (lead vocals Richard Marx)
06 – Thursday Next
07 – Extraordinary Girl (lead vocals George Hawkins Jr.)
08 – Rattlesnake Canyon (Previously unissued 2023)
09 – The African Prince (lead vocals Janey Clewer)
10 – Two Kinds Of Love (lead vocals Marc Jordan)
11 – The Philadelphian (B. Gaitsch)
12 – Fragile The Bossa Nova Hotel (lead vocals Michael Sembello)

* Bruce Gaitsch (Guitar, Bass, Programming)
* George Hawkins Jr. (Bass on 1, 6, 7, 11, Keyboards on 7, Vocals on 1, 7)
* John Patitucci (Bass on 3, 9, 10)
* Ruggero Robin (Solo Guitar on 1)
* CJ Vanston (Keyboards on 1, Programming on 1)
* Jim Beard (Piano on 3)
* Joey Kramer (Drums on 1)
* Billy Ward (Drums on 3, 6, 7, 9-11)
* Nick Newman (Trumpet on 6, 11)
* Marc Russo (Sax on 7, 9)
* Randy Howard (Fiddle on 9)
* Randy Waldman (String Arrangement on 10)
* Paulino Da Costa (Percussion on 10)
* Fee Waybill (Lead Vocals on 2)
* Bill Champlin (Lead Vocals on 3, Background Vocals on 3, 7)
* Richard Marx (Lead Vocals on 5, Background Vocals on 2, 5)
* Marc Jordan (Lead Vocals on 10)
* Michael Sembello (Lead Vocals on 12)
* Janey Clewer (Lead Vocals on 9, , Background Vocals, Keyboards on 12)
* Tamara Champlin (Background Vocals on 3, 7)



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