DEWOLFF – Love, Death & In Between (2023)

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Classic rockers DEWOLFF are not a band to sit still. They thrive on constant motion. They’ve released five albums in the last four years – something no so common nowadays – and they are offering a new one now with “Love, Death & In Between“.
“For this, we wanted to do something with people, as many people as possible”, said DeWolff. Recording live to tape, with no overdubs, brothers Pablo (guitar/vocals) and Luka van de Poel (drums/vocals) alongside Robin Piso (Hammond/Wurlitzer) were joined by a host of friends for this new album.
The opener is ‘Night Train’, and you could be forgiven for mistaking it for Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star’. It rips to be sure, but just seems a tad familiar. A saving grace is a strong attention paid to vocal arrangements. Vocalist (and guitarist) Pablo van de Poel is no slouch behind the mic, and some effective use of backing singers along with a horn section really helps round the song out to a rousing experience.

This is followed up by numbers such as the Little Feat-esque ‘Heart Stopping Kinda Show’ and the atmospheric ‘Will O’ The Wisp’ which plays with an understated Santana vibe. I fell in love with the soulful and sprawling sixteen-minute ‘Rosita’, it really tugged on my heartstrings as it brought me back to listening to classic rock radio in the car with my dad.

As the album progressed, I began to find that DeWolff, while wearing their influences on their sleeves, are a step above your standard throwback classic rock act. They clearly understand the importance of great hooks and memorable choruses and they put in the effort to deliver a great piece of music, instead of just a borderline tribute act.
Other noteworthy is the somber blues of ‘Mr. Garbage Man’, the classic hard rock / funk of ‘Message For My Baby’, and the grandiose stomp of ‘Wontcha Wontcha’.

This album goes beyond your average ‘70s nostalgia act with its sincerity and melodic, upbeat power. If you’re a fan of that era vibe, atmosphere and arrangements, or you really just want a vibrant and soul-drenched rocking record to improve your day, ”Love, Death & In Between” absolutely brings you to the bellbottom party.
Highly Recommended


01 – Night Train
02 – Heart Stopping Kinda Show
03 – Will o’ the Wisp
04 – Jacky Go To Sleep
05 – Rosita
06 – Mr. Garbage Man
07 – Counterfeit Love
08 – Message For My Baby
09 – Gilded (Ruin of Love)
10 – Pure Love
11 – Wontcha Wontcha
12 – Queen of Space & Time

Vocals, Guitar – Pablo van de Poel
Bass – Levi Vis
Drums, Vocals – Luka van de Poel
Hammond and Wurlitzer – Robin Piso



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