AFTER ADAM – Cosmonaut Cowboys (2023) *HQ*

AFTER ADAM - Cosmonaut Cowboys (2023) *HQ* - full

Leader of melodic rock collective LIBERTY ‘N JUSTICE, Justin Murr, towards the end of 2021 unexpectedly passed away due to complications from Covid-19. Before that, Justin just finished the album with his new project AFTER ADAM, which finally was released shortly after Justin’s passing.
But the album, titled “Cosmonaut Cowboys“, only was released on physical CD in the USA and pretty hard to find overseas. However, given the passion and skill on display, it seemed tragic to not let the album hit the digital realm to find the extent of its audience.
Now 2023, for the first time, ”Cosmonaut Cowboys” is being available world-wide on all major platforms, featuring a fresh new artwork.
AFTER ADAM is a band that we promise will satisfy people that enjoy hooky, infectious sing-along ’80s music. ‘Cosmonaut Cowboys’ is an album that is emotion driven and anthem bound, a “Summertime” platter if there ever was one.
This is melodic rock / pop-rock embracing the emotion of days gone by and memories of a simpler and happy time for many. So, grab your boom box, pop in that cassette, hit play and let this band take you back to the Eighties.


01 – The One and Only
02 – Wave of Hope
03 – Love Like a Disco
04 – Angel Baby
05 – Gumshoe in a Deep Sleep
06 – Lemon Shake Up
07 – Days of Aqua Net
08 – Born Again
09 – Paper Airplane
10 – Play the Game
11 – Rosie Grace
12 – Completely Yours


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  1. Neil Tudor says:

    fabulous pop rock lite…… mmm cant find the cd anywhere online

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