ANUBIS GATE – Interference (2023)

ANUBIS GATE - Interference (2023) - full

Despite of being one of Denmark’s premier prog metal acts and one of the most remarkably consistent in the European scene, ANUBIS GATE is criminally overlooked four-piece. The same line up that has performed on the last three albums remains in place and their new upcoming album (June 2nd) titled “Interference” is the result of six years of material written & produced by the band.
With “Interference” – their eighth full length – ANUBIS GATE celebrates their 20th anniversary and does it with perhaps the group’s stronger platter to date. While a dark vibe at places, “Interference” delivers the band’s more riffy, straight-forward and melodic material from their career, with excellent singer Henrik Fevre just elevating the quality even more.

With “Interference” ANUBIS GATE not only turns more melodic and accessible, but also showcases diversity in the music. The songs are all equally harder edged and increasingly melodic but there are a variation of sounds presented across the ten songs.
That edge can be heard in songs such as ‘Equations’ and ‘World Of Clay’ while the more melodic side of Anubis Gate is represented in songs like ‘The Phoenix’ and ‘The Intergalactic Dream Of Stardom’. Then the progressive side of the band comes to the fore in ‘Dissonance Consonance’, and the vast title track.

ANUBIS GATE experimented personnel changes all over the year, however they feel solidified now with the same lineup in place since 2014. The band is in fine form with some fantastic guitar work from Kim Olesen and Michael Bodin, nice keyboard fills, and elastic drumming – but the stand out are the vocals from Fevre who never fail to impress. His performance on the dark and brooding album closer ‘Absence’ is simply stunning.

Anubis Gate may be a new band for many, and “Interference” is a perfect start to discover this talented band. It is another reminder that Anubis Gate are a fantastic band who definitely deserve more praise and attention than they have received in their career.
Progressive metal with melody fans should definitely give “Interference” a spin as it is a deep and rewarding listen.
Highly Recommended


01 – Emergence
02 – Ignorance Is Bliss
03 – Number Stations
04 – The Phoenix
05 – Equations
06 – Dissonance Consonance
07 – The Intergalactic Dream Of Stardom
08 – World Of Clay
09 – Interference
10 – Absence

Henrik Fevre – Vocals, Bass, Sax, Additional Keyboards
Kim Olesen – Guitars, Keyboards, Additional Vocals
Michael Bodin – Guitars, Additional Keyboards
Morten Gade Sørensen – Drums


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