ROADWOLF – Midnight Lightning (2023)

ROADWOLF - Midnight Lightning (2023) - full

After an explosive performance at Wacken Festival, the mighty traditional heavy metal newcomers ROADWOLF are back with pure power to unleash their highly anticipated new record titled “Midnight Lightning“. Opening song “On The Run” starts off the record with a bang, featuring electrifying guitar riffs, a pulsating bassline, and driving drums that set the tone for the entire album.
The band wears their influences proudly on their sleeves as you can hear their inspiration from legends like Judas Priest, Saxon, Dio, Ozzy. All over the CD you can hear these, but also waves of NWOBHM, first half of the Eighties Scandinavian metal, plus some classic teutonic riffs from the era.
Ear-shattering but produced with a clean polished sound, “Midnight Lightning” rocks with melody, capturing the genre’s magic.


01 – On The Run
02 – Midnight Lightning
03 – Mark of The Devil
04 – Supernatural
05 – High Under Pressure
06 – Sons of the Golden Horde
07 – Don’t Deliver Us From Evil
08 – Running Out of Time
09 – Savage Child
10 – Isolated Hearts

Franz Bauer (lead vocals)
Valentin Strasser (guitar)
Christoph Aigner (bass, vocals)
Emanoel Bruckmüller (drums)


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