CROSSFADE (Göran Edman) – Innocent Days (2023) *HQ*

CROSSFADE (Göran Edman) - Innocent Days (2023) - full

CROSSFADE from Sweden is ready to release album #4. Following the success of the first three albums – “White On Blue”, “Secret Love” and “Carousel” – now comes “Innocent Days”. The core of the band remains with Göran Edman on vocals, Lars Hallback on guitars and Richard Stenstrom on keyboards. The new blood is brought in by Felix Lehrmann on drums (Jon Anderson, Roine Stolt, Flower Kings) and Johan Granstrom on bass. Percussion is handled by Andreas Ekstedt and background vocals by Göran Edman and Annelie Axon.
The music on this new CD is still very much Crossfade, a Wescoast AOR like sound brought into the 21st century. A musical brew that has the easily recognizable sound of Crossfade with spicy ingredients of Toto, Steely Dan & The Doobie Brothers and with vocal arrangements reminiscent of the Eagles and Queen.


1. Innocent days
2. Kings Of broken dreams
3. Right There
4. Time Is On Our side
5. Living It Up
6. Sky Falls Down

Göran Edman (the voice)
Lars Hallbäck (guitars)
Richard Stenström (keys)
Johan Granström (bass)
Felix Lehrmann (drums)
Annelie Axon (backing vocals)


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