FIGURE AND GROOVE – Smooth Sailing: A Yacht Rock Journey (2019)

FIGURE AND GROOVE - Smooth Sailing: A Yacht Rock Journey (2019) full

As requested, here’s FIGURE AND GROOVE album “Smooth Sailing: A Yacht Rock Journey“. This is a project inspired by the late Seventies / early Eighties West Coast / AOR sound which in its smooth variation is also known as Yacht Rock / Soft Rock.
Even if you have never set foot aboard a yacht, you know Yacht Rock when you hear it. In the late-’70s and early-’80s, many acts had beach on the brain. The sound was defined by gentle grooves that rocked as hard as lagoon water lapping against a hull. Fluffy white clouds of electric piano, clean guitars, breezy harmonies and sweet vocals were other touchstones of this slice of soft rock.

Featuring experienced session musicians / vocalists such as Jay Soto, Blue Oyster Cult’s Richie Castellano and Luther Lewis, “Smooth Sailing: A Yacht Rock Journey” delivers a set of indeed smooth songs to enjoy with a Martini at hand.

Jay Soto is US a national recording artist known for fine voice, but his high-octane guitar sound as well. He’s recorded and co-written with some of the biggest names in the industry including Jeff Lorber, Jeffrey Osborne, and Stardhip’s Craig Chaquico.
Richie Castellano is mostly known for being guitarist / keyboardist and backing vocalist in Blue Oyster Cult for more than ten years now, and he has a solo career as well. He’s a stupendous lead singer. Check his amazing one-man cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on YouTube (more than 2 million views).

To sum up, “Smooth Sailing: A Yacht Rock Journey” is for fans a of West Coast / FM soft rock of yesteryear ranging from Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, The Doobie Brothers to Toto, Player and Ambrosia.
Cool, very recommended music.


01 Fall Into Me (feat. Jay Soto)
02 Forever (feat. Jay Soto)
03 Paradise (feat. Jay Soto)
04 Savin’ It All For You
05 Looking To Find (feat. Richie Castellano)
06 In My Arms (feat. Jay Soto)
07 Sweet Love (feat. Jay Soto)
08 City Nights (feat. Richie Castellano)
09 C’est La Vie (feat. Luther Lewis)
10 Sail With Me (feat. Jay Soto)

Jay Soto – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Richie Castellano – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Luther Lewis – Vocals
Mel Brown, Mario Mendivil – Bass
Gary Romero – Drums
Drew Sheets, Neamen Lyles – Horn Section



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  1. Gerry says:

    thanks a lot!
    Richie Castellano is the most talented guy I’ve heard for a longtime !
    He can play anything on guitar keyboards bass and more…
    and he’s an excellent singer too !

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