ALBERT BOUCHARD – Imaginos III : Mutant Reformation (2023)

ALBERT BOUCHARD - Imaginos III : Mutant Reformation (2023) - full

ALBERT BOUCHARD is best known as one of the founding members of legends Blue Öyster Cult. The original band sold millions of albums for Columbia Records with such classic songs as “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and the #1 hit on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart “Burning For You”. As a songwriter, he wrote many BÖC songs including the very popular “Astronomy” (which was covered by Metallica on their 1998’s release Garage Inc) and the live staple “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”, which he also sang lead vocals.
Bouchard’s new album ”Imaginos III : Mutant Reformation”, is the third and final record of the ‘Imaginos’ trilogy, a concept he created back in ’80s with the first ‘Imaginos’, still under the Blue Öyster Cult banner.
This final chapter had plenty of help from Albert’s friends, such as former BOC band mate Eric Bloom, Joe Cerisano, Kenny Aaronson, Ross “The Boss” Friedman, and many more.
The first trilogy album, “Re Imaginos”, came out in 2020, as a mostly acoustic, mostly solo album. The second, “Imaginos II – Bombs over Germany” appeared in 2021, a little more fleshed out than the first one.
”Imaginos III : Mutant Reformation” is a rocking effort, mostly uptempo with that classic BOC craziness, progressive at places, always interesting. Easily the best of the three, full of guitars (hey, there’s a track titled ‘Heavy Metal/Black and Silver’) and rich instrumentation.

Bouchard has shepherded the concept of ‘Imaginos’ through its many incarnations over the years, translating Sandy Pearlman’s feverish visions into sonic resonance. As Bouchard states, “Sandy’s not being here to feel the long-awaited culmination is perhaps the greatest irony of this epic journey through the invisibility of conspiracy, the shape-shifting, and eternal light that is Desdinova.
But legend lives on, as will tales told ‘round the fire of when Man still walked the Earth, and the carnage had yet to begin. Hear the final chapter in this monumental saga when the record is released on July 7, 2023.”

The Imaginos story is once again driven by Albert’s carefully orchestrated chronology and a passioned telling of the stories and songs. He was on a mission. With ”Imaginos III : Mutant Reformation” mission is complete.
If you don’t follow the story, you’ll be regarded with great music instead. On this new album Bouchard finally captured that Blue Öyster Cult mysterious sound, that unique approach.
Highly Recommended


01 – Welcome To Desdanovaland
02 – Flaming Telepaths
03 – The Queen’s Graveyard
04 – Transmaniacon (feat. The Dictators)
05 – Career Of Evil (feat. Steve Conte)
06 – St. Cecilia
07 – Curse of the Hidden Mirrors (feat. Mike Watt)
08 – Mountain of Madness (feat. Richie Castellano)
09 – Redeemed (feat. Joe Cerisano)
10 – Mothra & Starfish (feat. Susie Loraine)
11 – Godzilla (feat. Kasim Sulton and Mike Fornatale)
12 – R.U. Red D. 2
13 – Sole Survivor (feat. R.J. Ronquillo)
14 – E.T.I. (feat. Joe Bouchard)
15 – Aldebaran Alien Take Me Away
16 – Arianna Of Earth (feat. Susie Loraine)
17 – Heavy Metal/Black and Silver
18 – Buddha’s Knee (feat. Jim Bouchard)

Albert Bouchard: vocals, guitar
Prince Omega: drums, guitar, keys and vocals
Cyzon Griffin: drums
David Hirschberg: bass and background vocals
John Willoughby: upright bass
Kenny Aaronson: bass
Andy Shernoff: bass
Mike Fornatele: guitars
Joe Bouchard: keys, guitar, lead and background vocals
Ace Bouchard: Moog
R.J. Ronquillo: lead guitar
Steve Conte: lead guitar
Ross “The Boss” Friedman: lead and rhythm guitars
Greg Holt: violins
Benny Landa: lead guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar
Joe Cerisano: lead and background vocals
Susie “The Bomb Builder” Loraine lead and background vocals
Richie Castellano: Lead and backing vocals
Jim Bouchard: lead and background vocals
Keith Roth: lead vocal, guitar
Mike Watt: lead vocal
Dana McCoy: background vocals
Steve Ridley: background vocal
Kasim Sulton: background vocals and arrangement
Ayumi Mitsuishi: Japanese narration
Eric Bloom: narration


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