AIRBORNE – Airborne [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

AIRBORNE - Airborne [Rock Candy remaster] full

Requested many times to be featured on this blog, here’s the Rock Candy ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ reissue of one of the best Pomp AOR albums / bands of all time: AIRBORNE.
Anyone who has any knowledge of key artists in the seminal AOR movement of the late ’70s not only recognize the name, but more than likely heap endless praise upon the band.

With a lineup whose pedigree was as impressive prior to 1979 as it was in subsequent years, Airborne was the archetypal Arena Rock band of its era and a band who mysteriously were met with general indifference during their brief period of activity.

Assembled by future mega producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Winger, Warrant), and signed to Columbia Records, this highly gifted five piece act recorded their self-titled debut album under the superior production guidance of Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield, Sammy Hagar), in Los Angeles and London (AIR studios) resulting in one of the era’s most compelling and streamlined records.

AIRBORNE - Airborne [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] booklet

Comparable with the best work of Touch, Styx, Foreigner, Shooting Star and why not Giuffria’s Angel, the accent was on lovingly constructed songs underpinned with meaty guitar riffs and exquisitely crafted vocals, layered to perfection.

Originally issued in 1979, the album attracted a slew of favourable reviews but just when things were looking to take off, including a proposed tour with the Cars, the President of Columbia Records jumped ship leaving the band high and dry with the new regime deeming Airborne as yesterday’s news.

AIRBORNE - Airborne [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] back cover

“Airborne” is an astounding collection of slick and energetic AOR which seethes with power from the onset and never lets up until the very end. Airborne were unique because they had multiple lead vocalists and wrote timeless material that simply transcended the era from which they sprang.
As you would expect, with Beau Hill involved, production was ahead of its time, warmly enhanced on this Rock Candy remaster.
A Pomp AOR Classic


01 – The Lady Knows Best
02 – Feel Like Lovin’
03 – Ghost of Love
04 – Wastin’ My Time
05 – No Exception To The Rule
06 – Soldier of fortune
07 – That’s Where My Love Goes
08 – Life In The City
09 – Stand Up
10 – Optimystical

Beau Hill – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Larry Stewart – vocals, guitars
David Zychek – guitars, vocals
John Pierce – bass
Mike Baird – drums

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