CRUELLA D’VILLE – The Power & The Passion 1986-1991 [FnA Records remaster] (2023)

CRUELLA D'VILLE - The Power & The Passion 1986-1991 [FnA Records remaster] (2023) - full

Under the title “The Power & The Passion 1986-1991“, FnA Records is releasing all the material recorded by rockers CRUELLA D’VILLE during that period of time. In the mid Eighties Cruella D’ville were rocking Tampa and gaining exposure, and they decided L.A. is where they needed to be – part of the huge metal scene that was exploding there in the late ’80s.
In 1988, Juan Croucier, the bass player from Ratt heard a Cruella EP and expressed interest in producing a new project for the band. Cruella started gigging in LA at the Troubadour, the Whisky, Gazzarri’s, FM Station and many other venues. They got a weekly gig at the Troubadour playing every Wednesday night for over a year in 1990 at the Jon E Jam. Cruella D’ville became a big draw on the ‘Strip’ packing venues.
Eventually a distribution deal was signed with Big Time Records for their 1988 EP through magazine orders, while the band sold tapes at the shows, and local record stores.
The band was then approached by a record company which shall remain unnamed and signed a deal to record an album. 11 songs were finished, but the company broke and the album never got released.
This is where FnA Records picks up in 2023 and releases a remastered retrospective of tracks recorded from 1986 (when the band was called Valentine) to these last recordings in 1991; “The Power & The Passion 1986-1991“.

The CD is a 19 track roll through 1986-1991 featuring bits and pieces from all the stages of their career.
The earliest of tracks on this release are from 1986 when the band was called Valentine. Also included are the 1988 EP and Demo Tracks from the same period produced by Croucier.
Lastly are some of the best tracks the band ever wrote and recorded – the 1991 professional studio tracks.
Highly Recommended


01. Face The Future
02. Power Of Passion
03. Engines
04. Lord Have Mercy
05. Stealin
06. Can’t Take It
07. Can’t Go On This Way
08. Change
09. Lovers Hell
10. Your Eyes
12. Room Without A View
13. Can’t Get Enough
14. Forever
15. Rock Candy
16. Going Down
17. Time After Time
18. War Is Hell
19. Broken Dreams

Rick Bales – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bruce Hunt – Guitar
Ray Caron – Bass
Rick Howard – Drums



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