MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO’s NO ANGELS – This Ain’t Heaven [recorded ’94 Unreleased / Remastered] + demos with Ace Frehley 1989-90

MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO's NO ANGELS - This Ain't Heaven [recorded '94 Unreleased / Remastered] + demos with Ace Frehley 1989-90 full

MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO’s NO ANGELS formed in late 1992, featuring female singer MaryAnn Scandiffio which in the mid-Eighties fronted Blacklace. Scandiffio found her band rising in hard rock charts, with very good record sales of their LP. Though the growing success of Blacklace, Scandiffio had become a star in her own right, drawing large crowds at record signings and personal appearances and even being featured on the cover of Hit Parader magazine.
After Blacklace had decided to call it a day, Scandiffio began to focus on her solo project with ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, when she would meet her NO ANGELS co-founder Robbie Parker.
NO ANGELS recorded the band’s debut album ‘This Ain’t Heaven’ engineered by Paul Orofino, known for his work with bands such as Danger Danger, TNT, Tyketto and Riot among many others. The recording would be shelved for the next two & half + decades, until it was finally released, digitally remastered.
This is pretty awesome classic female fronted melodic hard rock with an ’80s feeling and catchy melodies all over. 0dayrox always give you more, and we have as well the Scandiffio / Ace Frehley demos in a very good sound quality.

MaryAnn Scandiffio, whose voice is probably one of the best-kept secrets in American hard rock, is a well-established artist in Europe. In the early to mid-1980s she fronted the New York metal / hard rock outfit known as Blacklace, a band which she also founded.
After signing with Mausoleum Records, Blacklace would produce two albums followed by videos and live performances in Europe including headlining Belgium’s biggest hard rock festival at the time.
Back in the States, the band became the opening act for Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, The Plasmatics, Joe Perry Project, Zebra and Humble Pie, among other national acts.

Scandiffio found her band rising in hard rock charts, with record sales in the tens of thousands. She started to get more attention, in a time when ‘female metal ladies’ were rare to see.
Then Scandiffio began to focus on her own project. It was while working on her solo material with Ace Frehley, drummer Jamie Oldaker (Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Frehley’s Comet) and bassist Mark Clark (Coliseum, Uriah Heep, Billy Squire), when she would meet guitarist Robbie Parker.
Scandiffio and Parker founded NO ANGELS, and would soon begin working together and developing their unique sound and songwriting style.

Previously, Parker had performed up and down the Eastern seaboard with his band Royal Tease. His signature guitar work had already been featured on national commercials for Chrysler. Other projects included producing with accredited producer/engineer Paul Orofino.
Most recently Parker wrote and produced the theme for a national television pilot with Blue Oyster Cult founding member Joe Bouchard. Parker would also play the guitar on all three projects.

Completing the musical equation are seasoned performers Scott Cable, who is well-established as one of the finest bass players on the Northeast club circuit, and drummer Kenny Siena, who has made his mark performing and recording extensively throughout the tri-state area with the band Realm.
With Cable’s driving bass and Siena’s sledgehammer style of drumming together, they created a catchy rhythm sound that is the NO ANGELS’s melodic foundation.

Soon NO ANGELS would enter Millbrook Studios in Millbrook, New York to lay down 11 melodic hard rock tracks for the band’s debut album ‘This Ain’t Heaven’.
Recorded and engineered by Orofino, the outcome would prove to be as strong as any of the band’s contemporaries’ output of the time, as well as showcasing Scandiffio’s vocals that had further developed since her earlier works.
The recording would be completed, however, it was 1994 and for obvious reasons ‘This Ain’t Heaven’ would inevitably be shelved for the next 26 years.

Now we have the chance to hear these rockin’ yet melodious songs in the style of Saraya, Harlow and of course, Blacklace. I would add some Tyketto touch on a couple of numbers, female-fronted spiced.
Recording quality is first rate, and all songs very enjoyable. A limited edition of 500 copies.
Highly Recommended


01 – 38 Shake
02 – No Angels
03 – I Wanna Be with You
04 – Ode to Mary Jane
05 – Tow the Line
06 – Wine, Beer, Whiskey & Gin
07 – Now I Know
08 – Goodbye
09 – Boy
10 – What You Want
11 – Madness

MaryAnne Scandiffio – Lead Vocals
Robbie Parker – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Scott Cable – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Kenny Siena – Drums & Backing Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Joe Bouchard – Keyboards
Shelly Parker – Backing Vocals


MaryAnne Scandiffio & Ace Frehley 1989-1990:
01 – I Want Out
02 – Baby It’s You
03 – Don’t Go
04 – I Need You
05 – The Backstreet Shuffle



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