STARSCREAM – Shatter The Sky (2023)

STARSCREAM - Shatter The Sky (2023) - full

STARSCREAM is a Eindhoven based new band releasing their debut work “Shatter The Sky“. The Dutch group is formed by young musicians but before you listen to any bit of their songs and simply looking at the album artwork you know these guys are absolutely influenced by the ’80s.
Indeed, “Shatter The Sky” consists of rocking songs, melodic, plenty of hard rock groove, timeless riffs and a powerful vocalist which reminds of the late Ray Gillen. There’s an Eighties and also a Seventies atmosphere in the way STARSCREAM composed, arranged and recorded / produced this album.
Opener, and also title track ‘Shatter The Sky’ is the shortest on this release at less than four minutes. The song immediately sets the tone. Fiery hard rock that seems to seep through the influences of DIO, Rainbow and Led Zeppelin, among others. It is immediately noticeable that Tim Van Den Eijnden knows how the vocals should sound in this genre.

The dragging ‘Xenophobia’ shows that as well, which even contains a very small hint to Metallica in terms of vocals, despite musically is classic hard. ‘Hold Your Tongue’ is another good example of the catchy hard rock, musically speaking, that Starscream stands for. Somehow it is reminiscent of Vengeance. The glorious feel of ’80s hard rock triumphs here with flying colours.

While “Shatter The Sky” is in fact an EP, the six tracks packed here are enough to reveal a young bunch of musicians with enormous potential. A showcase that Starscream can rock hard, with style, and another proof that classic hard rock / metal from the ’70s and ’80s is still alive in the heart of young musicians.
Highly Recommended


01 – Shatter The Sky
02 – The Fury
03 – Time
04 – Xenophobia
05 – Hold Your Tongue
06 – Lockdown

Tim Van Den Eijnden: lead vocals, guitar
Cyriel Stevens: drums, backing vocals
Ruben Heijnsbroek: bass
Tim van den Eijnden: keyboards



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