MAIN LINE RIDERS – Worldshaker [Retroactive Records reissue] (2023) HQ *EXCLUSIVE*

MAIN LINE RIDERS - Worldshaker [Retroactive Records reissue] (2023) HQ *Exclusive* - full

MAIN LINE RIDERS returned in 2009 with “Worldshaker“, their second full length recording since the debut in 2007. This time around the band tune-in with a new attitude, a new vocalist and a new sound. With the electrifying opening notes of “It all Ends Tonite,” you’ll think that Bon Scott surely must have been resurrected and is now singing for guitarist ‘Cliffy’ and his Main Line Riders.
Now 2023 reissued by Retroactive Records as part of the Legends Remastered series, unashamedly “Worldshaker” is earnestly beholden to hard rock godfathers (Bon-era) AC/DC, early ’80s Def Leppard (think High N’ Dry, Pyromania), Airbourne, wtc.
The first three cuts, along with “Rhythm-N-Blues” could easily have been some lost AC/DC tracks. The album has everything classic rock requires. There are songs about rock-n-roll, slow sleazy blues, high-voltage boogie and the MONSTER RIFFS of Cliffy.

So big and bold are these riffs that they bruise the listener upon contact. It’s those catchy, infectious guitar lines that make your spine tingle and give the music its backbone. Worldshaker definitely delivers some “high voltage” by a band that steals from all the right places, rocks non-ironically — even epically at times — and sounds great blasting out of a car or on headphones.

Main Line Riders started out playing a late Eighties Sunset Strip sleaze style of metal not unlike LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Guns N’ Roses, Junkyard, Hanoi Rocks and Kix.
A change in vocalists, however, led to a new musical direction for the group. With Shawn Edward Browning replacing the department Mike Mayhem, Main Line Riders now goes after an AC/DC influenced brand of metal and hard rock on its sophomore effort ”Worldshaker”.

Now, if you are pursuing an AC/DC type sound you had better have a vocalist that can pull things off without a hitch. And such is what Main Line Riders has in Browning. Capturing that trademark snarl and attitude characteristic to Bon Scott or Brian Johnson, Browning shines throughout a procession of hook driven monsters that have old school AC/DC written all over them: “It All Ends Tonight”, “Hell Ain’t A Good Place To Be”, “Broken Hearted”, “Worldshaker”, “Power Surge” and “Chrome & Steel” all deliver that fiery riff or extra element of energy that will have you returning time and again.

Rounding out the project is a couple of re-makes from the first album, “Throwin’ Bones To The Wolves” and “We Are The Ready Ones”, that translate well with the bands new sound.
The guys also throw us a couple of curve balls in the form of an acoustic laced ballad, “Comin’ Home”, and the aptly entitled “Rhythm-N-Blues”, a brilliant piece that can best be described as an army of metal guitar playing Elvis’ descending upon Las Vegas all at once.

My overall feeling is that if you enjoy AC/DC (in both its eras), X-Sinner, Airbourne, etc, you will find a lot to like in Worldshaker. If your tastes trend towards any type of Eighties influenced metal and hard rock then I can see this also appealing to you.
Equally important to any AC/DC influenced group is its guitar team (and please do not tell me you can pull music of this capacity off with only one guitarist!). Without a doubt the duo of Cliffy and Matthew Kenenske deliver the goods, combining for a profusion of riffs – some fast paced and others chugging but always offering enough variety to keep your full attention – and jagged edge lead guitar steeped in the blues.

In you are interested in a metal/had rock release that brings front to back musical consistency then look no further than ”Worldshaker”. Likewise, those into an AC/DC influenced sound – or any form of Eighties based hard rock – will find a lot to like here. Give Main Line Riders credit, at the same time, for successfully reinventing itself.
All around, the project – whether it is the crisp production, consistent songwriting or band performance – reeks of professionalism and attention to detail.
Highly Recommended

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01 – It All Ends Tonite
02 – Throwin’ Bones To The Wolves
03 – Hell Ain’t A Good Place To Be
04 – Through With You
05 – Comin’ Home
06 – Broken Hearted
07 – Worldshaker
08 – Power Surge
09 – Chrome & Steel
10 – Rhythm-N-Blues
11 – We Are The Ready Ones
12 – It’s A Revolution

Lead Vocals – Shawn Edward Browning
Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals – Tim Bushong
Drums – George Creshine
Guitar, Vocals – Cliffy, Matthew Kenenske



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