THE VIEW INSIDE – Strange Destinations (2023)

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With their first album featuring contributions from the likes of Simon Phillips, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gregg Bissonette, French combo THE VIEW INSIDE is presenting their new CD titled “Strange Destinations“, employing sounds ranging from arena rock, AOR and classic pop to melodic progressive rock.
The songs on the album include many variations indeed, even within one and the same song at times. AORish soft parts with lots of feeling, are matched by more intense proggy parts.
Take “Son of Someone” as example: This is late 80s influenced AOR tune with a cool beat and a chorus reminding of Person To Person, yes the Brett Walker band. The song is a true gem, watch the video below.
The members of THE VIEW INSIDE also have a TOTO cover band called T2T (Tribute 2 Toto) and there are moments where you can trace those legendary band vibes on this album too. Just check out the verse in ”Stuck Under”.

When the band turns things more rock based, still with wonderful progressive moves, there are lots of other influences as well. We hear the more melodic, commercial side of Spock’s Beard and Neal Morse in ”Bad Neighborhood”. In the end of the song there is, in parts barely audible, a morse code transmission including the words ’place’ and ’home’.

A bit of the same feeling is on the semi-soft prog rocker ”Unvirtual Reality” which also has a rhythm recalling of Kevin Gilbert’s Giraffe poppy light progressive. And in ”Pleased To Meet Me” there’s a certain early Marillion touch, which is always welcome.

THE VIEW INSIDE is a really pleasant discovery mixing refined arrangements with smooth melodies. Worth to mention is the musicianship here. Everything is top class, from the lead singing by Ludovic Briand to all instrumental efforts, done with gusto.
“Strange Destinations” is an album that oozes professionalism. Hard to find weak spots.
Highly Recommended


01 – Passage
02 – Bad Neighborhood
03 – Stuck Under
04 – Son of Someone
05 – The End of Me
06 – I’m Not Supposed to Be Here
07 – Unvirtual Reality
08 – Pleased to Meet Me
09 – Father of the Future
10 – Mother of Silence
11 – Work of Art
12 – Portal

Ludovic Briand – lead & backing vocals / guitars / bass / keyboards / percussion
Julien Boursin – piano / organ / rhodes / keyboards
Christophe Briand – drums / percussion / lead & backing vocals (8)
Serge Arese – bass (2, 5, 7, 8, 12)
François Gomez – bass (3, 4, 6, 9, 11)



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