VERN DAYSEL – Call Of The Wild (2023)

VERN DAYSEL - Call Of The Wild (2023) - full

Born & raised in South Africa, VERN DAYSEL is a multi-facetic artist who has been part of many bands but since a decade ago started a solo career. After two albums, he moved to the United States and “Call Of The Wild” is his first LP recorded there, now being released by Lions Pride Music.
“Call Of The Wild” is an album four years in the making. Between immigrating to America, a relentless gigging schedule and working with other bands (Switch N’ Whisky, The Burning Breeze), Daysel has finally finished what he considers his best piece of work to date. And indeed it’s a recording with attention to detail.

Vern Daysel takes all the credit for this album. He was responsible for every part of the work. Therefore, he played guitars, bass, drums and those vocals are Daysel too. However, his credentials don’t just stop as a multi-instrumentalist. Daysel also wrote the songs and produced the entire product.
“Call Of The Wild” is a bone-rattling blues-inflected southern rock album that’s insanely intense. You can appreciate those carefree tones in songs such as ‘Drift Away’, but from the outset of ‘Feed Me’, you can hear that Vern Daysel means business.

The 11 track album includes the singles ‘Cougar’ and the rocking ‘Feed Me’ that have already received radio play all over the world as well as being featured on Planet Rock Radio – the UK’s biggest rock station. The aforementioned ‘Drift Away’ is a beautiful southern ballad with some Blackberry Smoke feel on it. ‘Chasing The Moon’ starts in the same vein, but then develops into a straight rocker.
Daysel cleverly mixes uptempo rockers like the pumping street of ‘Wild Girl’ and the organic classic rocker ‘Warrior’ with slower bluesy numbers such as ‘Bandit’s Road’ (with cool country touches) and the campfire feel of the acoustic ‘Chasing Ghosts’, a rocker in its bones .

At the core this is a rock n’ roll album but definitely highlights Daysel’s soulful southern rock, blues and country influences, all very well performed and produced by himself. Vern’s voice is smooth and melodic, a pleasure to round up a really enjoyable CD.
Highly Recommended


01 – Feed Me
02 – Wild Girl
03 – Bandit’s Road
04 – Call of the Wild
05 – Gold Digger
06 – Drift Away
07 – Cougar
08 – Chasing the Moon
09 – Rain
10 – Chasing Ghosts
11 – Warrior


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