VYPERA – Race Of Time (2023)

VYPERA - Race Of Time (2023) - full

To be released by Frontiers Music, “Race Of Time” is the second release of Swedish hard rock / trad metal worshippers VYPERA, another excellent up-and-coming band from the Swedish scene, a gift that keeps on giving.
Even more polished that their debut LP, ”Race Of Time” is a hard hitting, ’80s metal tinged album of hard rock, highly melodic and immensely energetic.
This is classic stuff sure to stir memories of the glory days from the genre. Strong vocals, pounding rhythms and fiery guitar work are always a good recipe to follow. If you like old school Hard Rock with a Metal edge, you need Vypera in your life. It shouldn’t take much more than 30 seconds to fall in love with this album after playing bangers such as ‘Stormwind’, ‘Speedin’, ‘Hey You’, ‘Vicious’, etc.

Seriously, Vypera has the ability to appeal hard rockers and metalheads, with songs plenty of melody & catchiness and others full of fire and galloping riffs. The band know their audience, and definitely know how to hit ’em – right between the eyes! And with a devastating accuracy second to none.
From the off to the end you never lost interest throughout ”Race Of Time”, an addictive and highly infectious album.
Highly Recommended


1. Hey You
2. Riding On The Wind
3. Mary Jane
4. Stormwind
5. Vicious
6. No Place For A Dreamer
7. Trying Hard To Run Away
8. Fool’s Game
9. Speedin’
10. Daytona
11. Slave To Love

Andreas Wallström – Vocals
Christoffer Thelin – Guitars
Cederick Forsberg – Lead Guitars
Andreas Andersson – Bass
Johan Pettersson – Drums


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