WONDERS – Beyond The Mirage [2023]

WONDERS - Beyond The Mirage [2023] - full

After WONDERS’ strong debut album, the abnd is ready to release the successor “Beyond The Mirage”, bringing back powerful anthems, skillful play, progressive patterns, and big vocals. We are treated to another fine slab of Melodic Power Metal from this fledgling Italian band, that is the perfect continuation from that striking debut.
The line-up is stable; the Lunesu brothers, Giorgio and Pietro Paulo on drums and guitar respectively, with vocalist Marco Pastorino (Temperance, Virtual Symmetry, ex-Secret Sphere) and fellow Temperance bassist Luca Negro, all putting in the exemplary performances you would expect if from these expert musicians.
Vocally, Pastorino continues to build on his metal flamboyance, staying mainly within a mid-ish range, but seems to have further grown in confidence within his commanding role. The songs are catchy, melody-heavy, with occasional progressive / symphonic touches and of course the production is excellent.
There’s a couple of quicker tracks and one ballad with the rest falling in between, varying in pace and emphasis whilst maintaining a constant kick of energy and heaviness.

Even though by design there’s nothing particularly unique that sets Wonders apart from some others in this genre, there is now however the echo of a style that is audibly them. The debut set the scene, but the accessible music alongside the big memorable choruses and silky-smooth vocals have a familiarity now that is becoming their own.
Yes, there’s a nod to bands such as Secret Sphere, Stratovarius, Pagan’s Mind and others, but delivered with an identity that Wonders are creating effectively for themselves.
The stamp of approval that the inclusion of Bob Katsionis in your line-up lends to any band can obviously give a debut an initial leg up, but two alums in as this group gains momentum, it’s clear that this is a band thriving as it continues to grow into its own identity.
Highly Recommended


01 – One Million Miles
02 – Breaking the Chains
03 – Here I Go Again
04 – Hold Me, Save Me
05 – Once Upon a Time
06 – In & Out of Time
07 – Coming Home
08 – All My Dreams
09 – Into the Light
10 – The Time of Your Life

Marco Pastorino – Vocals & Choirs
Bob Katsionis – Keyboards
Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Lead guitars
Luca Negro – Bass guitar
Giorgio Lunesu – Drums


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