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To be released on June 16, 2023, via Massacre Records, FROZEN LAND‘s new album “Out Of The Dark” is old-school power metal – period. It is a wet dream for everybody who started listening to power metal in the ’90s. There are no non-catchy choruses. There are no uninteresting guitar solos. And there are the typical cliché from the genre… but that’s the style & sound fans of this genre wants.
But on the last 2 tracks it gets even more exciting… or weird. Guitarist Tuomas Hirvonen has a perversion for ’90s Eurodance, and they make a couple of songs mixing Eurodance and Metal…
It’s safe to say the Finns have just about overcome the ‘tricky second album’ hurdle. Not by pulling any big switcheroo, but by leaning into the tropes of the genre and expanding them to a satisfying level. This LP won’t indoctrinate any new power metal fans, but it won’t alienate any fans of the style either.
This is solid stuff indeed, with much potential for exciting developments.

I don’t think it would be controversial to mention that the build-up to this album’s release hasn’t exactly been drenched in positivity. First single “King’s A Bitch” garnered criticism for being a Helloween clone, sounding very similar indeed to “Eagle Fly Free”.
Whilst I do agree that the lyrics are pretty dire (‘Cause king’s a little bitch / He sure must have a cyst’ – oh dear), since when was being reminiscent of Helloween a bad thing?! I’m pretty sure the band themselves even said at some point that it’s supposed to be a tribute to the German pioneers. Anyway, it’s a kickass track with a memorable chorus…because that’s what “Eagle Fly Free” is.

The second – and much maligned – single “Senorita” I will also defend. This dance-infused joke number sent fans and would-be fans into a frenzy of negativity. I can’t believe many of them thought this was the direction the band was genuinely going to take. It’s obviously a light-hearted bonus number tagged on the end of the record to make you grin a little. If you’re into 90s Euro-beat stuff like Sash! or Eiffel 65 then you’ll have a great time with it. Hell, the guys covered E-Type on the first album, you should’ve known something like this was coming.

Anyway, onto the meat and potatoes of ”Out Of The Dark”. Frozen Land are clearly evolving in the right direction as the mix here is tighter, the performances more flamboyant (some fantastic solos from Tuomas Hirvonen on the faster numbers), and the songwriting a tad more progressive in the heart of the album.
This is most notable on the centrepiece cut “The Northern Star”. This track displays a variety of moods, tempos and grooves of which drummer Aki Kuokkanen should be massively proud, including a chunky bit of chugging halfway through. If they continue to push this facet, they could be penning engrossing 10+ minute epics on the next full-length.
That being said, I was most gratified to learn that the majority of this album is of the speedy, galloping, traditional Euro-power sort. Alongside “King’s A Bitch”, the rapid “White Lightning” keeps the listener’s necks aching with some great guitar/keyboard interplay; and “Dying Of The Light” is an absolute rocket that brings to mind the best of Tolkki-era Stratovarius.
On the other end of the spectrum, the ballad “Don’t You Ever Leave Me” tiptoes on the brink of being too sappy. I’m incredibly forgiving in general, and would happily belt out this song whilst crying against a rainy window.

The mid-tempo fist-pumpers are also here in force in the shape of “The Prophecy” (perfect for that awkward ‘second track’ spot), and “The Slayer” – one of the more innovative numbers in the Finns’ catalogue. The grinding riffs mixed with the blaring synth and quirky vocal patterns make this a super entertaining song.

Basically, nothing on the menu ‘drops the ball’ so to speak. Frozen Land are deftly displaying their penchant for writing high-quality European power metal, but they’re also proving that they aren’t afraid to piss about a bit, because they ooze swagger, charisma and charm.
If you were one of the naysayers dissuaded by the quintet… y’know, having fun… then you are who I recommend this album to the most. ”Out Of The Dark” is just a really good power metal record.


1. King’s a Bitch
2. The Prophecy
3. Dying of the Light
4. Don’t You Ever Leave Me
5. The Northern Star
6. White Lightning
7. Out of the Dark
8. The Slayer
9. Señorita

Tony Meloni – Vocals
Tuomas Hirvonen – Guitars, Vocals
Aleksi Salomaa – Bass
Antti Sorsa – Keyboards
Aki Kuokkanen – Drums


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