DAMN FREAKS – ”3” (2023) *HQ*

DAMN FREAKS - ''3'' (2023) *HQ* Out Of Print - full

Some music styles are immortal – such as metal or classic hard rock – and will always linger in the ears and hearts of the lovers of that genre. Just like we would instantly recognize the smell of our favorite dish while going up grandma’s stairs, after listen to a song from DAMN FREAKS new album ”3” we need a few seconds to think about bands like Van Halen, the very first BonJovi, Cinderella, Tesla and Dokken.
Damn Freaks was from the ashes of a previous band called FOOLS’ MOON in 2017 by drummer Matteo Panichi & guitarist Marco Torri, with the purpose of creating original hard rock music. Talented Iacopo Meille (Tygers of Pan Tang frontman) and Claudio Rogai (bass guitar) joined the band after a while.

The homonymous debut album was released via Mighty Music in the same year and obtained good feedbacks. The second full-length “Love in Stereo” appeared 2020 and resulted celebrated by hard rock fans too.
Damn Freaks are back 2023 with new effort simply titled “3”, and while Iacopo isn’t at the mic anymore (busy schedule), we find an even better line up: the entrance of strong vocalist Giulio Garghentini (Dark Horizon) and terrific guitarist & producer Alex De Rosso (ex Dokken, Headrush).
The results? The best DAMN FREAKS album to date and one one need to check out if you like the kind of 70s / 80s hard rock powerful and chromed, driven by dazzling guitars and tons of hooks.

De Rosso’s militancy in Dokken is immediately noticeable, so much that many songs would not have been out of place into the American band latest productions. “Crazy Ride”, for example, has that assassin type of riff and atmosphere, as well as “Damn Burning Mercy” which could have been an excerpt from “Back For The Attack”.

Garghentini seems to be the ideal singer for the Mark II version of Damn Freaks, more melodious.
There are very 80s-type of radio-oriented moments, such as midtempo melodic rockers “Walking In The Sand”, “My Time Has Gone” (brings to mind Hardline), and the AORish “Walking The Wire” – all could have been MTV staples years ago.

”3” consist of ten rockin’ melodic songs with a clean and rich production, all packed in 38 minutes as in the good ‘ole times. Strong songwriting, a killer guitar player, a strong vocalist and a tight rhythm section: so you need more? Enjoy the polished production, and the mastering done by Harry Hess in Canada.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – The Land of Nowhere
02 – Where is Love?
03 – Walking in the Sand
04 – My Resurrection
05 – You Ain’t Around
06 – Damn Burning Mercy
07 – My Time Has Gone
08 – Nothing’s True
09 – Crazy Ride
10 – Walking the Wire

Giulio Garghentini – lead vocals
Alex De Rosso – guitars
Matteo Panichi – drums
Claudio Rogai – bass



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