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VOYAGER - Fearless In Love (2023) - flac full

Perth, Australia based VOYAGER is a unique band. An exhilarating mix of 80s synthpop meets progressive metal, these guys always surprise us. Their upcoming new album “Fearless In Love” features their most infectious and anthemic work yet. Including the Eurovision favorites “Promise” and “Dreamer”, the heavy pulse of “Prince of Fire”, the upbeat “Submarine” and more, ‘Fearless in Love’ is next-level prog metal mastery that shatters all archetypes and expectations.
On ”Fearless In Love” sweeping vocals paired with emotive lyrics inspired by the grit and glam of 80s and 90s film overlay heavy guitar riffs and percussion to create a sonic journey that pushes the boundary of what fans have come to expect from Voyager.
A terrific mix of progressive hard rock (they say prog metal) with crystal clear vocals and that little extra synthy pop goodness for the nostalgic in us.


01 – The Best Intentions
02 – Prince of Fire
03 – Ultraviolet
04 – Dreamer
05 – The Lamenting
06 – Submarine
07 – Promise
08 – Twisted
09 – Daydream
10 – Listen

Danny Estrin – Vocals / Keytar
Simone Dow – Guitars
Alex Canion – Bass
Scott Kay – Guitars
Ash Doodkorte – Drums


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