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DARK SKY - Signs Of The Time (2023) - lossless full

Germans rockers DARK SKY are back with ”Signs Of The Time”, their new album which marks a new beginning for the band. Founded in the early ’80s, DARK SKY got noticed for the melodic hard rock scene with their Nineties debut album which had big success among fans of the genre, especially in Asia.
After that strong first outing DARK SKY has recorded five more LP’s, the last appeared in 2018 also releasing a live DVD. Soon after the band started to work on this ”Signs Of The Time”. Since we all know what happened in 2020, it is no surprise that it took so long to finish the album.
During the pandemic, many bands found the time to write new music and ideas, but in the case of DARK SKY was the opposite: all band members left the band and ended their musical careers – except founding member and main man Frank Breuninger.
Breuninger kept the DARK SKY flame alive recruiting Harold Merkx on keyboards, Jadro Bastalic on guitar and Francesco Pisana on bass, new musicians which brought a fresh wind into the band. The result is “Signs Of The Time”, a muscular hard rocking album with an European sound and style featuring songwriting contributions from KISSIN’ DYNAMITE members.

”Signs Of The Time” sound was again shaped by the band’s long-time producer and friend Markus Teske (Symphony X, Vanden Plas). Since DARK SKY has a long friendship with German fresh superstars KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, Frank decided to write some songs with them.
“Forgiveness” is based on an old idea from KD singer Hannes Braun, which Frank finished and made it into a song. Former KD drummer Andi Schnitzer (who played a few shows with DARK SKY as their fill-in drummer) wrote the lyrics for the song “You and Me” and helped with the lyrics for “Heroes On Ice”, the hymn for the band’s favorite ice hockey team Schwenninger Wild Wings.
Highly Recommended


01 – Trail to Glory
02 – Heroes on Ice
03 – Fools
04 – Signs of the Time
05 – Forgiveness
06 – You & Me
07 – Wonderland
08 – Zombies
09 – St. Tropez
10 – We’re Falling
11 – It’s Not the End
12 – In the Heat of the Night
13 – Stín Kátedral

Frank Breuninger – vocals
Jadro Bastalic – guitars
Francesco Pisana – bass
Harold Merkx – keyboards


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