PHIL VINCENT – Divine Intervention (2023)

PHIL VINCENT - Divine Intervention (2023) - full

Today August 23, 2023, Rock Company is releasing the latest offering by US multi-instrumentalist / vocalist, workaholic PHIL VINCENT titled “Divine Intervention“. The man that never sleeps maintains the high level of songwriting we are accustomed to and delivers new 11 tracks of crunching hard rock. All the while, still never losing sight of strong melodies. All has been mastered by expert Jacob Hansen.
So from the almost metallic opening sequences of ‘Grit’ to the mellower tones of album closer ‘Into The Setting Sun’, Phil and his mates keep entertaining all lovers of classic melodic hard rock. Vincent performs all instruments minus lead guitar, as usual at charge of capable Vince O’Regan, and some drums handled by Max Piccolo.

While Vincent solo albums trend to be more melodic hard rock oriented, ‘Divine Intervention” is pretty uptempo, hard-hitting rocking. Then ‘Forgotten’ and especially ‘Give It Away’ are more AORish, while ‘Into the Setting Sun’ is the only track closer to a ballad.

Phil Vincent, despite his prolific musical output, doesn’t do bad albums and this is among his best. “Divine Intervention” finds the multifaceted musician in fine form delivering another solid album of his melodic hard and heavy rock.
Highly Recommended


01 – Grit
02 – Systems Fail
03 – Weight of the World
04 – No Regrets
05 – Runnin’ Away from Love
06 – Black Magic
07 – Give It Away
08 – Downfall
09 – Forgotten
10 – Choices
11 – Into the Setting Sun

Phil Vincent: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Bass, Percussion
Max Piccolo: Drums, Percussion
Vince O’Regan: Lead Guitars
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Phil Vincent
Mastered by Jacob Hansen



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