SERAINA TELLI – Addicted to Color (2023)

SERAINA TELLI - Addicted to Color (2023) - full

Former Burning Witches front-woman, Swiss multi-talent SERAINA TELLI will release her new solo album, ”Addicted to Color”, on August 18th via Metalville Records. Sassy, loud, and colorful is Seraina‘s second solo album, which couldn’t be more aptly named: ”Addicted to Color”.
The brand-new tracks on the follow-up to the successful debut album ‘Simple Talk’ captivate with their irresistibly catchy and fresh songwriting. While Seraina‘s singing was already impressive on the first album, the artist has now taken it up a notch with a real powerhouse performance.
As with the debut CD, ”Addicted to Color” was once again created in collaboration with Rico H as producer. The new record combines solid songwriting, vocal power, musical versatility, artistic depth, and a really strong attitude paired with authenticity.

‘Song for the Girls’, ‘Monkey & Zookeeper’ and ‘Left Behind’, those are the first three songs, and they are perfectly chosen to represent the album. While the first two tracks are fast and furious, it is ‘Left Behind’ that starts slow and evolves to another rock anthem.

Regardless which song you pick, each of them comes with a catchy melody that is hard to resist. In general, the rocking songs on ‘Addicted to Color’ are the highlights, but also ballads such as ‘The Harder way’ spread their charm, being soulful moments with a touching component.
The bottom part of the tracklist presents songs that can compete too. There is the emotional ‘Spaceman’ that alternates between calmer moments and rocking outbursts in the chorus, and there is the straightforward ‘The Colors of My Soul’ punching hard.

Telli delivers with ‘Addicted to Color’ a truly ‘colorful’ album indeed, that provides good vibe rock music. Regardless how grey the everyday life looks like; these songs add colors to it and enable everybody to have a good time.
Highly Recommended


01. Song For The Girls
02. Monkey & Zookeeper
03. Left Behind
04. Addicted To Color
05. The Harder Way
06. Wish You Well
07. Hit List
08. Spaceman
09. If No One Else Had Ever Been There
10. The Colors of My Soul
11. Be Somebody
12. Think!

Seraina Telli – vocals, guitar
Alice Lane – bass
Rico H. – drums, bass, keys


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