BLACK STONE CHERRY – Screamin’ At The Sky (2023) *HQ*

BLACK STONE CHERRY - Screamin' At The Sky (2023) *HQ* - lossless full

In the past two decades, BLACK STONE CHERRY has set a new standard for Southern rock, revitalizing the tradition with burly riffs and stirring rocking hooks. The band’s upcoming eighth studio album titled “Screamin’ At The Sky” explodes with urgently-emotive pop-rock hooks, heartfelt lyrics, headbanging riffs, thunderous drums, and the band’s most thrilling musicianship yet.
This 12-song collection is BSC’s biggest and best sounding album to date, self-produced and tracked at a classic Kentucky theater. It’s a dynamic catchy album but a lot of darkness as well where vocalist / guitarist Chris Robertson bared his soul.
Black Stone Cherry prove yet again that they’re genuine, top drawer rock stars with a triumphantly heavy and anthem-laden eighth album.

Finding shards of light in difficult places is a consistent thread. On Nervous, a hit-to-the-heart rocker, Chris sings, ‘I feel worthless, introverted,’ before gritting his teeth and adding, ‘Come tomorrow, when I’m older, I will be somebody’s shoulder.’
Elsewhere, on the infectious title-track and anthemic Who Are You, guitars bellow mayday as Chris ruminates on past torments. The songs are typically prescient, but while laden with fear, they’re nevertheless the sort of driving, rootsy rock we want and expect from this straight-talking and prodigiously gifted outfit.

The zeitgeist-capturing Out Of Pocket is a song that aptly summarizes the difficult economic times we’re living through, without being remotely preachy. Chris’ chest-bursting vocal launches this chorus with such power that it’s likely to be shaking hands with astronauts aboard the International Space Station by the time you read this. It’s a phoenix from the ashes that proves the Kentucky quartet continue to deserve their place among rock’s higher echelon.

The last six Black Stone Cherry albums have debuted at 10 Top Rock Albums Chart everywhere. It’s a mark of not just their great songwriting but of their relatable, everyman soul – and ”Screamin’ At The Sky” hits as hard as anything they’ve ever done.
Highly Recommended


01 – Screamin’ at the sky
02 – Nervous
03 – When the pain comes
04 – Out of pocket
05 – Show me what it feels like
06 – R.O.A.R.
07 – Smile, world
08 – The mess you made
09 – Who are you today?
10 – Not afraid
11 – Here’s to the hopeless
12 – You can have it all

Chris Robertson – Vocals / guitar
Ben Wells – Guitar / vocals
Jon Lawhon – Bass / vocals
John Fred Young – Drums

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