STEVEN WILSON – The Harmony Codex (2023)

STEVEN WILSON - The Harmony Codex (2023) - full

STEVEN WILSON is one of the reasons we still talk about progressive music to this day. That doesn’t mean he completely saved it, but he certainly bore a large portion of the burden. His work with his various bands and projects is always good, never dull. However, it can definitely hit differently depending on what music you like. As I am fond of saying, if an artist can make an album outside of your personal preferences or even an album you dislike, that is a true artist indeed. “The Harmony Codex” is Wilson’s upcoming new album, and no matter the music genre you prefer, you should try it.
”The Harmony Codex” is a different album for Steven, but also familiar. Some of the same names appear in the lineup: Steven Wilson on vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler, bass, percussion, and programming; Ninet Tayeb on lead and backing vocals; Craig Blundell and Sam Fogarino on drums; and Adam Holzman and Jack Dangers on keyboards. You can tell that Steven handles much of this himself, outside of the drumming, and so the album does feel cohesive and focused in that way.

If you like Steven Wilson’s progressive rock sound, this album is not that, but it contains certain elements of it. If you like his pop-rock side, there is plenty of that here, too, but it isn’t as prominent as on the last couple records. No, this album is something different. You will also hear quite a bit of guitar on various tracks, which hasn’t been the case for his recent solo outings.

In that way, it feels like he is backtracking on his infamous statements about guitar and how he just wasn’t interested in composing music with it anymore – his album clearly shows him reentering that fray. There are many electronic beats and rhythms throughout, but you will also hear real drums – played extremely well.
The most potent moments of the album are when the pop, prog rock, and electronic elements all collide, and that is really what this album is all about, mostly.
This new album is a balanced record because of that, and in hyper-analyzing it, we can possibly forget that it is simply a beautiful album, too. Steven sings really well on this album, leaning into a gracious and melodic style. Ninet’s vocals are terrific as always. The two of them together always produce great results, so I hope they work together more in the future.

”The Harmony Codex” is an enormous and adventurous sonic journey that you are invited to join. On the voyage you’ll hear from a lot of musicians, different voices, and many different sounds and textures. In many places it won’t be what you’re expecting – Wilson never does the same – and repeated plays will allow you to get deeper into the overall sound and concept.
Highly Recommended


01 – Inclination
02 – What Life Brings
03 – Economies of Scale
04 – Impossible Tightrope
05 – Rock Bottom
06 – Beautiful Scarecrow
07 – The Harmony Codex
08 – Time Is Running Out
09 – Actual Brutal Facts
10 – Staircase

Steven Wilson – vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler, bass, percussion, programming

Ninet Tayeb – lead & backing vocals
Craig Blundell – drums
Sam Fogarino – drums
Adam Holzman – keyboards, synths
Jack Dangers – keyboards


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