SIXGUN RENEGADES – Fuel for Life (2023)

SIXGUN RENEGADES - Fuel for Life (2023) - full

Finnish old-school Heavy Rock / Hard Rock band SIXGUN RENEGADES are releasing their new album ”Fuel For Life”. This four-piece music is infused with the spirit of bands like Van Halen, Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, but maintains their own identity characterized by its powerful riffs, melodic hooks and modern production.
There’s a classic twin-guitar delivery creating melodic harmonies, and while SIXGUN RENEGADES songwritng style is pretty late Seventies / Eighties, their sound feels contemporary, fresh. They have a guest keyboardist too – also co-producer of the album – providing color and variation to the rocking melodic tunes.
The album opens with ‘And Thus Be Free’, a darker track than the rest of the songs – groovier. But next ‘The Frontline’ brings SIXGUN RENEGADES true sound, a blasting rocker and goes on a pummeling rock ‘n’ roll rant from thereon with the catchy ‘Brand New Day’ being one hell of a track vocally and musically and what a guitar solo too!

The title track is much more melodious, midpaced, and the chorus is really infectious. Dude, this is a very good band.
The Phil Lynott soul appears on the Lizzy-esque ‘Death Race’, but the production is so fresh and fluid that the band sounds very modern, not dated at all. And we find another huge solo. The album is varied, and ‘Keep Hangin’ On’ offers a cleaner sound and an almost a melodic hard rock feeling akin Revolution Saints. We like this one a lot.
You can’t go wrong with a track titled ‘Rock the Night Away’: an anthemic rock n roller with a polished production but retaining a lot of bite. ‘Torn Apart’ adds a little of sleazy all over, before closer ‘Turn It Up’ smash with a monster riffs – I mean, MONSTER – and a catchy rhythm – great tune.

You’ll be surprised by SIXGUN RENEGADES’ ”Fuel For Life”: solid songs, tight playing, excellent production for an indie and timeless riffs / melodies.
Scandinavia rarely fail us. These Finnish guys rock greatly, don’t miss them.
Highly Recommended


01 – And Thus Be Free
02 – The Frontline
03 – Brand New Day
04 – Fuel for Life
05 – Death Race
06 – Keep Hangin’ On
07 – Rock the Night Away
08 – Torn Apart
09 – Turn It Up

Vocals, lead guitar: Niko Räty
Drums, percussion, backing vocals: Teemu Räty
Guitar: Samu Tuomi
Bass, backing vocals: Miko Mattila
Keyboards, producer: Tuomas Riihimäki
Backing vocals, producer: Mark Bertenyi



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