EVERGREY – From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits (2023)

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Founded and still led by the inimitable Tom S. Englund, EVERGREY has spent the last three decades or so as one of Sweden’s premier progressive / metal acts. As such, it’s only natural that they’d want to do something special for their 30th anniversary, and what could be better than an official anniversary album?
From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits” wraps up three decades of EVERGREY’s journey, carries some very special treats along with it, and cements their position as one of the most genre-defining bands of our time.
“From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits” unites EVERGREY’s past and present and paves the way for the band’s next chapter. In addition to live versions of recent tracks like “Call Out The Dark” and “Where August Mourns”, the record travels down memory lane with “My Allied Ocean”, “A Touch Of Blessing”, “Recreation Day” and “King Of Errors”. The second half of the offering contains soulful piano vocal versions of four songs, and some early / alternate versions.


01 – Call Out The Dark (Live Version)
02 – Where August Mourns (Live Version)
03 – My Allied Ocean (Live Version)
04 – A Touch Of Blessing (Live Version)
05 – Recreation Day (Live Version)
06 – King Of Errors (Live Version)
07 – Save Us (Piano Vocal Version)
08 – Call Out The Dark (Piano Vocal Version)
09 – Blindfolded (Piano Vocal Version)
10 – Midwinter Calls (Piano Vocal Version)
11 – A Silent Arc (Demo Version – Instrumental)
12 – Save Us (Demo Version – Rough Mix)
13 – Midwinter Calls (Demo Version – Rough Mix)
14 – Call Out The Dark (Demo Version – Rough Mix)
15 – Blindfolded (Demo Version – Rough Mix)

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