HEAD EAST – Live! [Rock Candy remastered & Reloaded]

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After the recent request of HEAD EAST remastered albums, one of you asked for their celebrated “Live!“, one of the band’s best selling records, superbly Remastered & Reloaded by Rock Candy Records.
Hailing from Illinois, Head East were one of a number of melodic hard rock bands that enjoyed great success in the Midwest of America whilst barely registering a blip on the East and West coasts.
During the late Seventies however, it wasn’t uncommon to whisper their name in the same hallowed company as heavy hitters such as Kansas, Styx, Cheap Trick and REO Speedwagon.

Indeed, being big in the Midwest meant you didn’t really need to secure the approval of hipster critics or rack up a string of hit singles. So long as you could sell out sports halls and coliseums that was all the acclaim needed.
It’s a tribute to the band that their label, A&M records, recognized their rabid fan following in the heartland, and decreed that they should be anointed with the golden prize of a double live album.
All the rage at the time, double live records helped to boost the careers of acts teetering on the edge of greatness and placated the insatiable appetite of devoted fans for a live document of their stage show.

HEAD EAST - Live! [Rock Candy remastered & Reloaded] booklet

“Head East Live!” featured tracks taken from their four previous studio albums and breathed new life into their sound, whilst reminding us of their uncompromising approach to performance.
When it came to delivering hook-laden arena rock that was both melodic and invigorating, Head East reigned supreme. Although the band’s studio efforts were really good, Head East’s most essential release is this excellent live album from 1979, as it includes all their best songs.

Recorded in several cities (including Dallas, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and hometown St. Louis), this recording set has no problem illustrating the vitality of Head East’s live shows.
Most of the rockers’ best songs are performed, including ‘Fly by Night Lady’, ‘Monkey Shine’, ‘City of Gold’, the great ‘Jefftown Creek’ and the hit ‘Never Been Any Reason’, and equally memorable is a performance of the Beatles’ ‘It’s for You’.

HEAD EAST - Live! [Rock Candy remastered & Reloaded] back

Very good 24-bit remastering from source tapes, 3,500 word essay about the making of the album, new interview with singer John Schlitt (later Petra’s vocalist), and lots enhanced artwork and photos spread out over a 12 page full colour booklet.
All of Head East’s studio albums are worth owning, but if you could only have one Head East album in your collection, “Live!” would be the best choice by far.
Listening to this energetic live recording will is a sheer pleasure.
Strongly Recommended


01 – Take A Hand
02 – Man I Wanna Be
03 – Gettin’ Lucky
04 – City Of Gold
05 – Fly By Night Lady
06 – Monkey Shine
07 – When I Get Ready
08 – Every Little Bit Of My Heart
09 – Get Up And Enjoy Yourself
10 – Since You Been Gone
11 – It’s For You
12 – Never Been Any Reason (Save My Life)
13 – Elijah
14 – Prelude To ‘Creek
15 – Jefftown Creek
16 – Love Me Tonight
17 – I’m Feelin’ Fine

John Schlitt: Lead Vocals
Mike Somerville: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Birney: Bass
Roger Boyd: Keyboards, Synths, Vocals
Steve Huston: Drums, Vocals



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