HEAD EAST – Full Circle (2023)

HEAD EAST - Full Circle (2023) - full

Cult AOR band HEAD EAST is back and better than ever with the highly anticipated release of “Full Circle,” their first studio album in over 40 years. Widely recognized for their classic rock radio staple / anthem “Never Been Any Reason,” Head East has maintained a prominent presence in the music scene through electrifying live performances and outstanding live recordings, cultivating a dedicated fan base that spans generations.
But now the band has taken the long-awaited step back into the studio for a series of recordings for their new album ”Full Circle”.

“Full Circle” not only marks Head East’s return to the studio but also serves as a musical retrospective, revisiting iconic moments from their ‘70s albums including their seminal 1975 debut LP ‘Flat As A Pancake’. These new versions of “Never Been Any Reason” and “If You Knew Me Better” retain the magic of Head East’s early days, enriched by the wisdom and artistry that only time and experience can bring.

But the album is not merely a nostalgic trip down memory lane; it’s a celebration of the band’s enduring spirit and a testament to their continued creative prowess. In addition to revisiting classic tracks, the album features new original compositions that showcase Head East’s ability to evolve while staying true to their signature sound as well as studio versions of songs they’ve been performing live for years.
These fresh additions are bound to captivate both longtime enthusiasts and a new generation of listeners alike.

Many of these songs were written in the Seventies so expect classic stuff here, re-recorded with modern technology but respecting that classic songs. The new songs are in the same spirit, vintage FM style AOR / melodic rock with a Pomp feel here and there.
Early Journey, Roadmaster, REO Speedwagon, even some Styx are the reference here, all very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended


1. Never Been Any Reason
2. Since You Been Gone
3. City Of Gold
4. Fly By Night Lady
5. Raise A Little Hell
6. Treat Me Right
7. If You Knew Me Better
8. Say Yeah!
9. Prisoner
10. You Can’t Go Home
11. Jefftown Creek
12. One Against The Other
13. Love Me Tonight

Roger Boyd – Keyboards & Vocals
Darren Walker- Lead Vocals & Bass
Greg Manahan – Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Eddy Jones – Drums & Vocals
Mark Murtha – Lead Guitar & Vocals


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