LAZER CLUB – Criminal Nights (2023)

LAZER CLUB - Criminal Nights (2023) - full

We already featured previously music from LAZER CLUB, and now these Italians are releasing a new album titled “Criminal Nights“. Starting from the cover artwork the record is all about the ’80s, the neon lights, the Miami Vice looks.
And indeed “Criminal Nights” is inspired by Miami Vice ‘cos despite musically this is synth-driven rock&pop with smooth vocals, this is some kind of a ‘concept album’, a story of a boy who lands in Miami and must face the harsh realities of a crime city and the difficult love of a rebellious girl.

Anyway, what matters is the music, and if you love the likes of Mike + The Mechanics, Magic Dance, Cock Robin, etc, and that ’80s classy sound LAZER CLUB is for you. All songs are with vocals, include electric guitar, some heavy sax, and overall uptempo, feel-good melodies.
The band occasionally dip their toe in the AOR pool too, and that’s nice to enrich the sonic palette.
Highly Recommended


01 – Intro
02 – Action
03 – Criminal Love
04 – Back to the City
05 – Mirror
06 – September (feat. Mayah Camara)
07 – Sarah (feat. Cobra Clutch)
08 – My Crime
09 – The Way That You Love Me
10 – Cocktails
11 – Still in Love
12 – Through the Pain


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