OUTSIDE EDGE – Outside Edge (1984) *0dayrox own LP-rip*

OUTSIDE EDGE - Outside Edge (1984) *0dayrox own LP-rip* - full

As requested, here’s OUTSIDE EDGE very first album, their self-titled 1984’s “Outside Edge”, only released in France on LP, quite hard to find. This is a pristine vinyl-rip done by the 0dayrox team. Sound quality is amazing, and for sure will be bootleged on CDr as happened with other of our vinyl-rips πŸ˜‰
We all know OUTSIDE EDGE for their classic AOR / Melodic Rock sound from later albums ‘Running Hot’ and ‘More Edge’. This first LP style is more Lite AOR / Hi-Tech, with a little New Wave-ish feeling on a couple of tracks. Quality stuff.

The origins of the band can be traced to the Seventies when these musicians operated as BLACKFOOT SUE, a rock n’ roll band scoring some successful singles. Then they formed LINER, recording a LP in the late ’70s.
Following Liner, SPOILERS was the next project undertaken (spawning two singles through WEA in 1980) and very much along the lines of what was happening with the music scene at the time; rock&pop with radio appeal. With all three members – Tom & David Farmer, and Eddie Golga – sharing lead vocal duties, there were lots of harmonies. They moved to the South of France and just played and played the clubs.
Spoilers became OUTSIDE EDGE (with Tom Farmer now ensconced as the primary lead vocalist) as the new wave approach gradually moved aside for a smoother, more melodic style with ease and the boys continued with WEA Records as a result.

Being that they had been living and playing in France for a few years by that point in the early 80s, it was the French end of the record company that picked the group up and it would take time for the British and American arms of the company to discover the group’s charms.
The group’s self-titled debut album was eventually only released in France in 1984, and was criminally ignored in the UK even as an import. However, things picked up when, having gained a support slot with Bryan Adams in Britain during 1985 (and added keyboard player Peter Giles to boost the group to a well rounded quartet), Virgin Records came calling and resulted in a new deal for their 1986 album ‘Running Hot’.

1984’s “Outside Edge” is pure ’80s, a smooth collection of elegant songs with crystal clear production, detailed arrangements and very nice melodies.
A collector’s item. Highly Recommended


01 – Losing You
02 – Not Guilty
03 – Cherie
04 – State Of Confusion
05 – Avenue Of The Americas
06 – One More Time
07 – Eyes Of A Stranger
08 – Change
09 – Fall In
10 – Edge Of Madness

Tom Farmer – Vocals, Fretted and Fretless Bass
Eddie Golga – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
David Farmer – Drums, Vocals
Tim Mel – Oberheim Synths on “Fall in”
Danielle – Voice on “Fall In”
Nick Campey – Additional Keyboards on “Avenue of the Americas”
Bimbo Acock – Sax on “Edge of Madness”


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  1. melodified says:

    Thanks for sharing these last AOR rarities. Much appreciated. This one deserves a proper remaster though. The style of this genre sounds always amazing on CD. Thanks again!

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