SCORPIONS – Savage Amusement (50th band anniversary Deluxe Edition) *HQ*

SCORPIONS - Savage Amusement (50th band anniversary Deluxe Edition) *HQ* - full

To celebrate their 50th band anniversary, SCORPIONS released the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions of all their most famous albums. 1965 marks the starting point of one of the most successful rock bands of our time. Hailing from Hannover, Germany, SCORPIONS embarked on a journey that would lead them around the globe and would establish them as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.
For the occasion Scorpions open their vaults to unleash hitherto unreleased songs, alternative versions of big hits, unreleased concerts and more.
In addition to dozens of unheard studio tracks and live recordings, all albums are remastered, equipped with extended booklets featuring rare photos and single covers, backstage passes and additional liner notes by Edgar Klüsener, a former editor in chief of Metal Hammer who has followed the band’s career closely over several decades.

Savage Amusement” was the follow-up to the successful Love at First Sting and had some musical differences when compared to its predecessor. The overall feel of the album is, according to the era, more melodic rock / radio friendly (incorporating some synths, AOR sounds), ready for American listeners.
Still there’s straight hard rock songs, like “Don’t Stop at the Top” and “We Let It Rock… You Let It Roll”, alongside poppy melodic rockers such as “Passion Rules the Game”.
This Digipak contains the newly remastered original album tracks, and also six unreleased songs as bonus.

These bonuses are cool hard rockers: “Taste Of Love”, “Edge Of Time”, “Dancing In The Moonlight”, the heavier “Fast And Furious” and a glammy cover of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain”.
But the gem is ultra-melodic midtempo “Living For Tomorrow”, which unbelievable was not included in the album final track list and has a hit potential.

“Savage Amusement” is Scorpions going melodic rock / Americanized, and it’s all good. (Thanks to MB for the accurate rip)
Highly Recommended


01 – Don’t Stop At The Top
02 – Rhythm Of Love
03 – Passion Rules The Game
04 – Media Overkill
05 – Walking On The Edge
06 – We Let It Rock…You Let It Roll
07 – Every Minute Every Day
08 – Love On The Run
09 – Believe In Love
10 – Taste Of Love (Unreleased Demo Song)
11 – Edge Of Time (Unreleased Version)
12 – Fast And Furious (Unreleased Demo)
13 – Dancing With The Moonlight (Unreleased Demo Version)
14 – Living For Tomorrow (Unreleased Song)
15 – I Can’t Explain (The Who Cover) (Bonus Track)

Klaus Meine – lead vocals
Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals
Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Francis Buchholz – bass, backing vocals
Herman Rarebell – drums, percussion, backing vocals
additional musicians;
Lee Aaron – backing vocals on “Rhythm of Love”
Peter Baltes – intro vocals on “Every Minute Every Day”



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  1. Jay says:

    Thnx for this, my opinion this was their best or least my favorite

  2. melodified says:

    The sound of this album was out of this earth during its release. Still is! Thanks for the post!

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