SIX FOOT SIX – Beggar’s Hill (2023)

SIX FOOT SIX - Beggar's Hill (2023) - full

SIX FOOT SIX, the brainchild of former Falconer’s frontman Kristoffer Göbel, will release the new album “Beggar’s Hill” on the 8th of December, 2023 via Scarlet Records. The band’s premise is pretty simple: deliver Swedish steel, pure anthemic heavy metal with melody and catchiness.
Influenced by classic bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, “Beggar’s Hill” it’s a classic guitar and vocal melody-driven album, but still with a powerful up-to-date sound. A record that takes what’s already been present in their European melodic metal meets hard rock platform to extend branches of influence culturally to still develop an addictive outing.

Drummer extraordinaire Snowy Shaw appears as a special guest to augment the main musical/vocal duties of the three-piece, his larger-than-life presence felt in his thunderous fills or main groove / tempo mastery during highlights such as “Fire Will Burn” and the epic march that permeates the mid-tempo title track.
The bass / guitar interplay contains many classic metal aspects people will be able to point to for solid, headbanging appeal – be it Iron Maiden, Judas Priest on through to Metallica or Accept – as the highway ready “Analog Man” or crunchy opener “Raise the Dead” exemplify.

Towards the back half of the record, “A Templar’s Tale” is a trilogy of tracks that contains robust riffs with spirited gang background vocal supplementation for “The Prodigy”, becoming more reflective in acoustic instrumentation before kicking into electric gear on “The Siege”, taking in more of the unity, battle cry spirit on the concluding effort “The Homecoming”.
Most ardent metalheads will bow down in homage to the alluring voice of Kristoffer Göbel, previously known for his early work with Falconer. He still has the pipes, delivery, plus presence to captivate – especially on the Deep Purple-esque “Voices Inside” that contains some slithering Egyptian-like strains around simplified twin guitar harmonies.

Self-produced, ”Beggar’s Hill” is an ideal release for those who love melodic heavy metal with occasional throwback aspects to the 70s /80s hard rock scene – yet establishing a path more majestic and epic for Six Foot Six. This should stir interest in the group, as these Swedes understand their style enough to craft very addictive songs that people will want to cherish again and again.
Highly Recommended


01 – Raise the Dead
02 – Tears
03 – Voices Inside
04 – Beggar’s Hill
05 – Analog Man
06 – Riding The Tide
07 – Fire Will Burn
08 – The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale pt. 1)
09 – The Siege (A Templar’s Tale pt. 2)
10 – The Homecoming (A Templar’s Tale pt. 3)
11 – Pete McOats
12 – Equinox

Kristoffer Göbel – Vocals, Guitars
Markus Gustafsson – Bass
Christoffer Borg – Guitars
Snowy Shaw – Drums


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