HEART LINE – Original Seeds (2023)

 HEART LINE - Original Seeds (2023) - full

Hot on the heels of their very good 2023 album Rock ‘N’ Roll Queen, HEART LINE and Pride & Joy Music will release “Original Seeds“, a set of classic AOR / Melodic Rock fresh covers wonderfully done by the band.
It is no secret that Yvan Guillevic the founder of Heart Line grew up nurtured by these fascinating music influences. They made him the outstanding musician we know who now rocks his own guitar on the AOR wave. If you ask him, he will tell you they are actually his DNA, the reason he formed Heart Line.
The 5 titles of this EP are a fine selection of some of the most outstanding AOR music material of the ’80s from various countries, UK, Sweden and the US. Forget about mainstream hits! We have songs from AVIATOR, VIRGINIA WOLF, ALIEN, DAKOTA and TOBRUK… wow.
Through their immense qualities, these 5 tracks prove enough how breathtaking the music level was in the 80s and how much these bands deserved major recognition.
And take a look at that gorgeous, fantastic 80s retro artwork…


01 – Falling (TOBRUK Cover)
02 – Runaway (DAKOTA Cover)
03 – Front Line (AVIATOR Cover)
04 – Living On A Knife Edge (VIRGINIA WOLF Cover)
05 – Go Easy (ALIEN Cover)

Emmanuel Creis (vocals)
Yvan Guillevic (guitar)
Jorris Guilbaud (keys)
Dominique Braud (bass)
Walter Français (drums)


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