STARCHILD – Magic Well (2023)

STARCHILD - Magic Well (2023) - full

While STARCHILD is based in Germany, its members origin are from different countries, and while the band is marked as power metal, their music is in fact classic Melodic Metal with Helloween, Pretty Maids, Iron Maiden influences, all done with a modern clean production.
That’s what we hear in the band’s upcoming new album “Magic Well“, always commanded by the powerful voice of leader, Italian Sandro Giampietro, also songwriter. The 12 songs are varied and really melodious, dominated by guitars but with well integrated keyboards all the time.

The band has a new drummer now, but during the recording of “Magic Well” the drums were handled by talented Michael Ehré (The Unity, Primal Fear) providing a monster foundation to the songs.
On “Magic Well” STARCHILD trademarks are melodic singing, sharp guitars, grooving rhythms and well placed keyboards. Add some speed, melody and catchiness and you have the whole package. Ad don’t forget a couple of midtempo / ballads with acoustics into the mix providing more variation.
Highly recommended


01 – War Isn’t over Yet
02 – Castles in the Sky
03 – Westernworld
04 – Magic Well
05 – Violent Violin
06 – At the End of the Rainbow
07 – Letters of Life
08 – The Dragon Rises up Again
09 – I’ve Lost a Friend
10 – The Golden Train
11 – Cyber Punk
12 – Later You’ll Know

Sandro Giampietro (vocals, guitar)
Andi Pique (keys)
Tom Nendza (bass)
Michael Ehré (drums)
Andreas Schütte (drums)


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