SVEN GALI – Bombs And Battlescars (2023)

SVEN GALI - Bombs And Battlescars (2023) - full

Regarded as ‘the new Skid Row‘, Canadian hard rockers SVEN GALI released a fantastic CD in 1992, a second in ’95, but unfortunately the grunge crushed them as many other good classic sounding bands. However SVEN GALI remained together in one way or another, playing gigs and after many years absent from the recording studio, presented a strong EP in 2020.
Now 2023 Sven Gali are back with their third full-length studio album ”Bombs and Battlescars”. There are nine songs on the album recorded at different periods of time given the varying production and mixing credits, including Coney Hatch’s Andy Curran.
Among the track list there’s a cover of Triumph‘s great song “Spellbound”, a little heavier than the original 1984 version.


01 – One Gun
02 – Coming Home
03 – Spellbound (Triumph cover)
04 – Life Inside
05 – Monster
06 – Hang Me Out
07 – Hogs
08 – All
09 – Nothing New

Dave Wanless – vocals
Andy Frank – guitar
Shawn Minden – bass
Sean Williamson – guitar
Dan Fila – drums



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