WHITE WITCH – S/T [Digitally Remastered Collector’s reissue] HQ

WHITE WITCH - S/T [Digitally Remastered Collector's reissue] HQ - lossless full

1972 was a really good year for progressive music, hard rock and glam rock. David Bowie released Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars; T-Rex released Slider; Pink Floyd cut Obscured By Clouds; Yes released Close To the Edge, and Alice Cooper recorded Schools Out.
If you were a youth in ’72 and you wanted all of these albums, which would you choose first? “None”. The answer would lie with Florida’s WHITE WITCH self-titled debut 1972’s ”White Witch”. And simply because the other albums became classics and easy to find, but ”White Witch” is as good as these but went out of print for ages.
WHITE WITCH was America’s and Capricorn Records answer to the hard rock / Glam / progressive sounds, mostly coming from Europe. They were very melodic, accessible, a radiable.
Few weeks ago we featured here the new Bad Reputation Records remastered reissue of vocalist RON GOEDERT solo LP. Well, Ron sang for WHITE WITCH before, and here he shrieks like Ian Gillan at places. On a side note, Axl Rose confessed that Ronn Goedert was one of his biggest influences.
As requested, here’s the remastered version of ”White Witch”, a great listen for all ’70s aficionados.

The band is completed by guitarist Buddy Richardson whose work is reminiscent of Mick Ronson, organist Buddy Pendergrass who serves a lot of Hammond and Moog, bassist Beau Fisher and drummer Bobby Shea.
The songs on this album possess a little of everything: poppy harmonies on “You’re the One”; the trippy sounds of “Sleepwalk”; the progressive extended jams of “Don’t Close Your Mind”, and the all out rocking “Home Grown Girl (which was apparently written in the band’s dressing room before opening for Alice Cooper).

”And I’m Leaving” is another catchy song. Supposedly this was a minor hit for them in the US in 1972, barely missing the top 40. ”Illusion” is another highlight of this album, one of their heavier songs with Ronn Goedert giving his performance of a life time.
As apposed to the rest of the album, this song is mainly guitar led. Keyboard wise there are organ and synthesizers playing along with the main guitar riff. Absolutely amazing song.
The album then closes with ”Have You Ever Thought of Changing? / Jackson Slade” and ”The Gift” which follows suite with the rest of the album.

White Witch is a great find for all fans of Seventies rock n’ roll music and a “must get” for somebody who wants some ”new / unknown” music but don’t want to listen to anything that was recorded after 1979.
Highly Recommended


01 – Parabrahm Greeting / Dwellers Of The Threshold
02 – Help Me Lord
03 – Don’t Close Your Mind
04 – You’re The One
05 – Sleepwalk
06 – Home Grown Girl
07 – And I’m Leaving
08 – Illusion
09 – It’s So Nice To Be Stoned
10 – Have You Ever Thought Of Changing? / Jackson Slade
11 – The Gift

Lead Vocals, Percussion – Ronn Goedert
Guitar, Vocals – Buddy Richardson
Organ, Moog, Synths, vocals – Buddy Pendergrass
Bass – Beau Fisher
Drums, Vocals – Bobby Shea


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