WAKING THE ANGELS – We Are! (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive*

WAKING THE ANGELS - We Are! (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

New British, Midland’s melodic rock band WAKING THE ANGELS are releasing their full length debut album titled “We Are!“, featured in exclusive here at 0dayrox.
The build up, by releasing singles and accompanying videos throughout the year has been a massive success and managed to keep us in suspense for months. The band have been together just a short time but have already played Hard Rock Hell AOR, The Mayors Fest in Wolverhampton, and supported well established bands like Vega, Collateral and Gin Annie. So how does this new album shape up?
This is classic sounding melodic rock spiced with hard, it’s all very British however with a timeless feel. Thirteen tracks can be a difficult amount to maintain a flowing album, but Waking The Angels manage to keep it moving with sublimity.
There are outstanding moments throughout and it’s a pleasure to listen to a band, who can make Rock music with such a high degree of accomplishment.

‘Throwing Stones’ was the second single released back in July, a song about man’s obsession with outer space and the money, often deemed as wasted, that could be used elsewhere. Punching with weighty lyrics, delivered by vocalist Michael Deeley, it’s an opener that sets the benchmark for the remaining 12 tracks.
’Toxic Lullaby’ pursues similar lines with a hard driven melody and this song reverberates with lush and warming tones. ‘Waking The Angels’ has been written as the bands signature tune and it couldn’t be more captivating. You play it once, then you have to hear it again and then the chorus revolves in your head for days, absolutely immense.

Almost a ballad in most respects, ‘Gypsy Queen’ has a flowing and passionate sound, that gives it a stronger and distinctive blend. All the way back in May, the first single ‘Can You See Me Now’ saw the beginnings of this album campaign. Written by guitarist Greg Dean during the pandemic, Michael added the lyrics later. This song’s theme is about being pushed to your limit and having the inner strength and determination to fight back. Again the melody is delivered with total balance and the overall finish is exemplary.

‘Redline’ is a classic piece with simple elements that leave you awestruck. It takes technique to reach this level and ‘Waking The Angels’ have it in abundance. ‘Moment In Time’ was another single and is more ‘messy’ than other numbers, the vocals drifting amongst the superb guitar work of Dean.
The cover of the Bond theme for Casino Royale, ‘You Know My Name’ was also on the bands debut EP. Hard to surpass the original by Chris Cornell, who had one of the most outstanding voices of his time, but Michael takes it on and the result is way above that earlier benchmark and too good to leave off the album.

‘Lost Child’ is catchy enough and ‘Sin Is In’ leads you down a forbidden path, with a more forceful direction and chanting backing vocals. ‘Prisoner’ is track 11 of the 13 and breaks the album up with its heavier stance. There’s a rumble of guitar that underpins the vocals and Greg Ison’s drums are often heard above everything else. This is the darker side of WTA and one that should be exploited more in future.

‘Blue Tattoo’ is another that has an underlining fierceness above a gentle melody, which is something this band demonstrate so well, the differing levels combining to create AOR with a twist of Power Rock.
It’s the last track, ‘Destination Love Affair’ that probably proves this capability in its utmost. An easy to grab chorus with stand alone guitar and main line vocals having quality control.

They are Waking The Angels, and they have something quite unique to offer. Melodic Rock, AOR, call it what you will, they sound phenomenal.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – Throwing Stones
02 – Toxic Lullaby
03 – Waking the Angels
04 – Gypsy Queen
05 – Can You See Me Now?
06 – Redline
07 – Moment in Time
08 – You Know My Name
09 – Lost Child
10 – Sin Is In
11 – Prisoner
12 – Blue Tattoo
13 – Destination Love Affair

Michael Deeley – Vocals
Greg Dean – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Bateman – Bass, Backing Vocals
Greg ‘Rozzy’ Ison – Drums



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