ANTHONY GOMES – Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2024 Remix)

ANTHONY GOMES - Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2024 Remix) - full

ANTHONY GOMES, #1 Billboard Blues Rock Artist, is a triple threat force as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. This, along with his high-energy shows and dynamic stage presence, make him one of the top draws on the Rock/Blues circuit today.
Gomes’ record Peace, Love & Loud Guitars, named Best Album of 2018 by Blues Rock Review and SoundGuardian Magazine, is the culmination of a life spent honoring the genre classic traditions while never losing sight of his own identity. The Toronto born guitar slinger stands his ground as a creative artist and is eager to push the classic rock back into the mainstream.
Now that album has been remixed and mastered by Chris ‘The Wizard’ Collier giving it a more powerful and high voltage sound. This new version “Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2024 Remix)” will appeal to longtime fans as well as newer listeners who have discovered Anthony’s music through his more recent material.
Additionally, “Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2024 Remix)” includes 3 bonus, previously unreleased tracks.

When Canada’s Anthony Gomes promises ‘Peace, Love & Loud Guitars’, no one on Earth would sue him for false advertising. The album is jam-packed with all three things, featuring empowering messages that wisely take a back seat to the medium: i.e., the loud guitars shine first and foremost.
Fans of pure blues might frown when they discover that Gomes leans far to the rock side of blues rock. However, he makes up for this possible shortcoming with excellent songwriting.
All twelve tracks are original, and not only that, they are incredibly well-arranged.
In this age of autotune and rhythms chosen by algorithm, these refreshing pluses catapult Anthony’s as a true classic rocker, true rock n’ roll musician.

When it comes to Gomes’ vocals, he’s Rod Stewart on steroids with a dash of whiskey. Supported by a strong chorus of background singers, Gomes gets in one’s face and ears with his take-no-prisoners style.
The short version of the “Cast of Characters” for this album is as follows: leading man Gomes on vox and guitar; Giant / Jim Peterik bass player Mike Brignardello, drummer Greg Morrow (John Waite, 38 Special); David Smith on keyboards; Chris Leuzinger on acoustic guitar, and Angie Primm, Gale Stuart, Devonne Fowlkes, and A.G. himself on backup vocals. Check out “Gang Vocals” for many more credits.

There’sa lot of swing to opener “Come Down,” followed by the rocking “White Trash Princess” with its hot riff, and then your blues gets ignited by the incendiary “Blues In the First Degree.”
On ”Peace, Love & Loud Guitars”, Gomes also shows us a side of his playing we haven’t seen before. This is evident on the love ballad “Amazing”. Gomes’ guitar soars to the heavens with an elegant, tender, and memorable solo.

The title track is next and one of Gomes’ best songs to date. “Peace, Love & Loud Guitars” is an unapologetic rock and roll song featuring an AC/DC style guitar riff and an anthemic sing-along chorus. Gomes belts “Peace, Love & Loud Guitars,” which will be sure to get the audience going during a live set. “Stealin’ From The Devil” it’s a great blues track and tribute to Robert Johnson.
Anthony is having a lot of fun, definitely on display with “Your Mama Wants To Do Me (And Your Daddy Wants To Do Me In)”. A guilty-pleasure tune if there ever was one, naughty number nine is worth more than one listen for this line alone: “Good girls go to heaven; bad girls go backstage.” Yow! More great harmonies are on the way here, plus a wicked guitar solo.

There are also times where Anthony just straight up rocks out hard like on “Hard Road Easy.” The album concludes with the beautiful “Take Me Back Home,” a song about redemption where Anthony’s guitar soars once again.
“Peace, Love & Loud Guitars” delivers what it promises – in spades.
Highly Recommended


01 – Come Down (2024 Remix)
02 – White Trash Princess (2024 Remix)
03 – Blues in the First Degree (2024 Remix)
04 – Nasty Good (2024 Remix)
05 – The Whiskey Made Me Do It (2024 Remix)
06 – You Are Amazing (2024 Remix)
07 – Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2024 Remix)
08 – Stealin’ from the Devil (2024 Remix)
09 – Your Mama Wants to Do Me (2024 Remix)
10 – The Only Woman I’ve Ever Loved (2024 Remix)
11 – Hard Road Easy (2024 Remix)
12 – Take Me Back Home (2024 Remix)
13 – You Are Amazing (Acoustic)
14 – Take Me Back Home (Acoustic)
15 – You Are Amazing (Radio Edit)

A. Gomes – vocals, guitars
Mike Brignardello – bass
Greg Morrow – drums and percussion
David Smith – keyboards
Chris Leuzinger – acoustic guitar
Angie Primm, Gale Stuart, Devonne Fowlkes – backup vocals


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